President's Message

Message from President Brendan J. Dugan '68:

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, my parents’ dream was to send me to college. St. Francis College made that dream come true. Founded by Franciscan Brothers in 1859 to educate children of the working class, this College offered me the opportunity to fulfill my parents’ dream.

For more than 150 years, St. Francis College has welcomed students from all walks of life, providing a superior liberal arts education at an affordable tuition. It is an urban school that is attended primarily by residents of the metropolitan New York area and has strived over the years to be responsive to the city's multiracial, ethnically-diverse population, while challenging all students to think in ethical and moral terms and reach beyond academic success to find truths for their personal lives.

The College's strength rests in its ability to be flexible, to respond to students’ intellectual and professional needs. A core curriculum in the liberal arts provides the bedrock on which St. Francis alumni go on to pursue graduate education, professional training, and careers. After completing required courses that acquaint them with the humanities, fine arts, and social and natural sciences, students continue their studies to deepen their knowledge of a major field of study.

The other quality that makes St. Francis stand out is its commitment to promoting the development of the whole person, including those important values found in Catholic Education: freedom, tolerance, respect for each other. Through intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development, St. Francis College seeks to provide students with skills and strengths they will need in their roles as citizens, friends, parents, community leaders, employers, employees, teachers, and caring individuals.

When students begin their studies here, they immediately become part of a community that includes faculty and administrators committed to education in an atmosphere of support and friendship. The School is small enough so that everyone is on a first-name basis. Faculty and administration are available for help and counsel. Incoming students find opportunities for excellence and methods to develop strengths.

It is not every school that provides students with a friendly hand and a serious education. I am proud that St.Francis College gave me that start and continues to offer it to those men and women who come here.

Brendan J. Dugan, Class of '68