Understanding the Past to Make a Better Future


Critical thinking, communication, writing, and researching are some of the most important skills companies look for in a new hire.

They are also precisely the skills you learn when you become a History major at St. Francis College.

History majors learn the skills most in demand by companies in a wide variety of fields.

Students at St. Francis venture outside the classroom to see History up close. They develop online projects and work with original archival materials

at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Looking back at the institutional and cultural forces that have shaped history is an excellent way of understanding the modern world and leads to the developing the following skills:

  • Framing a hypothesis
  • Gathering evidence
  • Looking for patterns and relationships
  • Exploring alternative methods and interpretations
  • Articulating arguments and conclusions clearly and persuasively

History majors go on to become excellent teachers and lawyers but they also do exceptionally well in fields as diverse as government, business or information technology.

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The major of Political Science investigates how individuals, groups and nations interact with others. Political Science analyzes how conflict is managed by the various parties. Political Science has many areas of inquiry including: American Government and Law, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Public Administration/Public Policy.

The Department offers both a Traditional and a Behavioral Approach. The Traditional School utilizes Legal, Historical, and philosophical tools to analyze and evaluate Political Institutions and processes. The Behavioral School employs the Scientific Method which includes, Problem Recognition, Hypotheses formation, gathering data and forming conclusions.

The Political Science major provides students with skills necessary for careers in Law, Government, Education, Business and the Not-For-Profit World. In addition, it provides students with the tools to make informed and logical decisions in both their professional careers and in their personal lives.

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Arnold Sparr

Arnold Sparr

Adjunct Professor
Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies
Behrouz Tabrizi

Behrouz Tabrizi

Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies
Kareen Williams

Kareen Williams

Adjunct Professor
Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies

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SFC Professor Explores Impact of Evolution on Art

The evolution of art in human beings is the topic of a new book by St. Francis College English Professor Gregory F. Tague. Art and Adaptability: Consciousness and Cognitive Culture (Brill│Rodopi) is the third book in a trilogy that discusses the arts and humanities in light of evolution.

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#SFCGivingTuesday Raises $152,000+ For Scholarships and More

What began with a walk to bridge the tuition gap, continued on Giving Tuesday with a full day of appreciation for St. Francis College benefactors, and a major e-campaign and phone-a-thon. One week later, St. Francis College is proud to announce that the Giving Tuesday campaign raised more than $150,000 dollars from more than 500 donors, a new high water mark for a day meant to refocus the holiday season on helping others.

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Resistance at Tule Lake with Director Konrad Aderer

Forced from their homes simply because of their ancestry, more than 110,000 Japanese Americans were forced into World War II internment camps, but many resisted, leading to more severe punishments for 12,000 prisoners. Reporter (Currents) and filmmaker Konrad Aderer came to St. Francis College October 19, 2017 to tell that long-suppressed story in his new documentary Resistance at Tule Lake.

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Mayor DiBlasio and President Trump

New York Post Columnist Michael Goodwin and New York Daily News Columnist Harry Siegel came to St. Francis College on October 19 to talk about New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio and President Donald Trump.

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The Boxing Kings

Paul Beston and Jacob Siegel came to St. Francis College October 10, 2017 to talk about Beston's new book, The Boxing Kings: When American Heavyweights Ruled the Ring.

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The Cross at Ground Zero

For 13 years Fr. Brian Jordan, Director of Campus Ministry at St. Francis College fought to keep an icon from 9/11, the Ground Zero Cross, in public view. Now, he's written a memoir which chronicles the journey.

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Goals & Objectives

  • Prepare students with the knowledge and skills for successful opportunities in the fields of Government, Law, Education, Business and the Not for Profit area.
  • Provide students with specific courses in American Government/Law, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Public Administration/Public Policy.
  • Offer Departmental majors and minors as well as other students on campus the opportunity to explore political and historical topic through lectures and forums and through our club activity.
  • Develop the skills of Critical Thinking, Analysis and Research.
  • Compliment course offerings with a full range of off-campus activities including: internships, independent study, field trips abroad and to museum and cultural visits.
  • To provide career guidance for all students and to provide specific Information for admissions to Law Schools, Graduate Schools of Political Science, Public Administration/Public Policy, International Relations and Education.

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