Orientations and Workshops

Are you new to SFC?

Our new student registration and orientation sessions will provide you with information on our programs and services, give you the opportunity to hear about student life on campus, and meet current students, faculty, and staff!

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Freshman Orientation

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Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is your main introduction to the college. For students enrolling in the fall, summer Orientation sessions are held several times during the summer months before the Fall Semester begins. For students starting in the spring, Orientations sessions are held in January before the Spring semester begins. The Orientation day is meant to be fun and informative! During orientation you will receive practical academic advice as you complete your registration for your first semester of courses. The program involves fun activities and presentations on Academic Programs, Technology @SFC, Health & Wellness, Faculty Expectations, and Student Life. New students gain the opportunity to interact with each other as well as current students, faculty, and staff! All incoming freshman are given a campus tour, receive a college information packet, course schedule, and an SFC identification card.

Freshman Orientation is one part of the Franciscan Tradition to provide more than just a place to take your classes. We also help you meet classmates and form new connections, bringing you into the larger St. Francis community

Parent Information

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult for a family to know what they can do to help their new college student. We aim to help families as well as students through this transition process. Although student records are confidential, the advisors in the Center for Student Success are happy to answer family questions about procedures, policies and programs. Please contact us at 718-489-3443 and ask to speak with an advisor.

Academic Success Resources

St. Francis College has developed a program called Removing Obstacles to Success (ROS) which provides students with a comprehensive support system of student success workshops, strength-based individual advisement, and peer counseling and aims at reaching students struggling academically or on academic probation. Students who fall into this vulnerable category are targeted to participate in the program in an effort to help build their academic skills and improve their GPA.

The program has significantly assisted students in recognizing obstacles and has proven successful in helping students achieve stronger academic progress.

ROS Workshops are required for students on Academic Probation as well as students interested in getting the upper hand on their Academic Success.

The Removing Obstacles to Success program consists of:

1. Academic Success workshops on a variety of topics tailored to student needs (students must attend at least 2 sessions).

Workshops include but are not limited to the following topics:

    • Preparing for the start of a semester (getting organized)
    • Learning new study habits and strategies
    • Identifying your strengths and using those strengths to achieve success
    • Tips to manage time and limit distractions
    • Strategies on balancing school, work and other stressors
    • Choosing a major that suits you academically

2. One-on-one meetings with an academic advisor specializing in assisting students wanting to improve their GPA.

3. Connecting students to the following resources as needed:

    • Academic Enhancement
    • Career Center
    • Wellness Center
    • Academic department

Online Workshops

The Center for Student Success also offers Academic and Career Success Online workshops on topics such as: time management, study strategies, setting goals, and career exploration. These workshops are available 24/7 for FREE to all SFC students.

The workshops are sponsored by StudentLingo.

View workshops at www.studentlingo.com/sfcsupport

If you have any questions please speak with an advisor in the Center for Student Success.