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Ruben Gonzalez
Director of Student Engagement
Claribel Lizardo
Coordinator of Student Programs and Services

Check out our list of Clubs and Organizations:

Accounting Society

Stimulates interest in the field of accounting through guest speakers, field trips, resume help, networking events, and other activities.


Active Minds Club

Provides students with additional personal and professional resources for mental health counseling.

Alpha Phi Delta

Is a scholastic and social fraternity, whose Beta Sigma chapter was founded at St. Francis College in 1962. Alpha Phi Delta is a national fraternity.

African Cultural Club

Provides students with an opportunity to share and explore African history and traditions through guest speakers, trips, and performance showcases.

Alpha Sigma Sorority

Is a regional, social sorority that was founded in St. Francis College in 2006. Its primary philanthropy is Breast Cancer.

Anime Club

Studies Japanese animated productions through film and other media.

Asian Students Association

Encourages students to learn about Asian culture, traditions, and history through campus events and field trips.

Caribbean Students Association

Promotes constructive social/cultural relationships with the college through cultural exhibits, lectures and field trips.

Chemistry Club

Seeks to stimulate interest in the field of chemistry.

Christian Club

Shares Christian fellowship with all students at St. Francis College and studies the Bible together as a community.

College Choir

Provides a musical outlet to students. The group performs at special College events and sponsors concerts throughout the year.

Criminal Justice and Sociology Club

Promotes interest and provides an exciting atmosphere in which students can expand their knowledge in the area of sociology and the criminal justice system.

Dance Team

The Dance Team’s goal is to promote, educate and teach dance to the students of SFC in an effort to inspire them to become more well-rounded individuals. We dance at home men’s and women’s basketball games during half-time and time-outs as well as for other athletic teams and during numerous school events.
Meets: Monday and Wednesday in Room 5221

Eastern European Club

The Eastern European Club introduces St. Francis College students to the history, art, food, and traditions of the various countries in Eastern Europe. EEC brings together students of Eastern European descent to foster appreciation of the cultures and to raise awareness of issues concerning the region.

The EEC hosts an annual Eastern European movie film festival and organizes trips aimed at experiencing the culture of New York City, like seeing a Broadway show, visiting museums, enjoying music, eating at restaurants, and taking in other cultural attractions and events. The club is open to anyone interested in the European continent.

Economics Society

Promotes awareness and interest of economic issues.

Education Society

Composed of students who plan careers in education. The group sponsors various community-related events for underprivileged children. These events help promote educational and social growth in the children and provide the club members with field experience.

English Club

Is geared towards building a stronger interest in academic and literary activities.

Entrepreneurs Club

Works towards providing students with an outlet to learn about and shadow both small and large business owners.

Environment Club

Designed to offer students additional field experience for environmental research and testing. Each year the club organizes field trips and environmental cleanups around New York City.

Finance Club

Assist St. Francis College students in finding a suitable route to a career in finance and make them part of a strong social and professional network. The Finance Club sponsors career development programs and club relationships with members of the financial community. The club also promotes communication with St. Francis College alumni in finance careers, and fosters an environment among students that encourages continuous learning and discovery of recent trends and developments within the field of investment banking and corporate finance.

Greenhouse and Environmental Club

Was created to promote awareness on environmental causes and the College’s Greenhouse.

Girl Up

Seeks to empower and educate the SFC community on local and national issues of equality and human rights.

Honors Club

Sponsors academic, cultural, community service, and school spirit activities (i.e. Career/Graduate School Seminars, foreign films, “FROGS”). Members are motivated to act as leaders in all aspects of College life and especially within the club.

Information Technology Club

Provides IT majors with additional resources for professional networking and skills development.

Italian American Historical Society

Created to foster an interest in Italian cultural arts, cuisine and history.

Investment Club

Seeks to offer students real world experience in both analyzing and assessing the stock market.

Kappa Theta Nu

Was founded in the spring of 2010. Their primary philanthropy is Autism Speaks. Additionally, the group promotes women’s studies and community development.

Latin-American Society

The Latin American Society seeks to foster an interest in Spanish culture at St. Francis College through lectures, movies, outings, and its most noted function, the Spanish Fiesta. The Latin American Society allows a place for students of Spanish descent to meet one another and bring the Spanish community together. The club is mostly represented by students from Central and South America and students who share an interest in Spanish culture. The club aims to establish links between Spanish alumni, professors, and students.

latin american students
Meets: Thursdays in Room 3403


Promotes awareness on LGBTQ issues and supporting events.

Make a Difference Club

The Make a Difference Club on campus is a community service based club that focuses on raising awareness for an array of causes. Since we’re a Franciscan institution, it is important to have SFC members and faculty take part in volunteering in order to create a sense of community, teach compassion, promote personal growth and encourage civic responsibility. We achieve this by desi­gnating every month with a different awareness, i.e. October- Domestic Violence Awareness, November- Diabetes Awareness, and December- M.A.D Grateful in partnership with New York Cares. Monthly events include, awareness walks, donations, and fundraising within the school. Our biggest goal is to bring the “Big Event” to the St. Francis College community. The Big Event has become somewhat of a national phenomenon at a number of colleges and universities throughout the United States. It originated at Texas A&M University in 1982 when six student felt the need to give back to the community.

The Make a Difference club meets every second and fourth Monday of every month during Activity Period (12:20-1:55pm). For the latest information regarding the club’s events follow us on Instagram @SFCMakeADifference

Math Club

Promotes interest in mathematics through lectures, guest speakers and practical experience.

Muslim Students Association

Provides members with a forum to share Muslim culture and history. Past events have included an Interfaith Dialogue Series, henna tattoos, and dance instruction.

Model United Nations Club

The Model United Nations Club aims to stimulate and encourage students to think critically and discuss political issues that affect the world. The club also tris to create a sense of community within a group of diverse students and works towards a shared common interest. The Model UN hosts and coordinates events such as food, clothing and book drives, and other events to raise money to benefit the community and provide club members with educational field trips.
Meets: Mondays in Room 5402

Mu Sigma Upsilon

Is a regional, multi-cultural, social sorority whose chapter was founded in St. Francis College in 2007.

My Brother's Keeper Club

Represent a service organizations that is committed to community service and leadership development.

Philosophy Club

The Poorman’s Roundtable is a weekly, friendly forum for philosophical exchanges. Faculty members and students engage in lively discussions, and take turns giving presentations on a variety of philosophical topics.

Photography Club

Created to offer training and development to novice and intermediate students interested in photography and media designs.

Pre-Medical and Health Professions Club

Promotes interest in the medical and health profession through research, conferences and symposiums.

Psi Chi

The national honor society in psychology, Psi Chi, serves to recognize psychology as a diverse science by encouraging students to develop research and clinical interests, attend regional and national conventions, and become familiar with academic and clinical settings in the metropolitan area.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club seeks to further interest in psychology through means of guest lecturers, field trips, and pre-professional research.

We bring students who are interested in psychology together to discuss various topics such as current events in psychology, applying to graduate school, and what classes to take each semester. The Psychology Club is open to all students interested in psychology to help form relationships and friendships and a place where students can openly discuss and share their views and opinions as they pertain to psychology.

Meets: Monday and Wednesdays in Room 7221

Scandinavian Club

Foster an interest in the history of Eastern food, art, and cultural traditions.

Science and Botanical Society

Brings a variety of speakers in science and medicine each year to provide information on career objectives. Each year the Society visits a wide variety of scientific facilities within the Metropolitan area.

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Sigma Beta Delta

Represents an International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration majors. Interested students should contact Dr. Dennis Anderson at

St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society

The St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society seeks to inform potential law students of the many facets of the profession. During the year, representatives of law schools and professionals address the members. Information about requirements for the Law School Admission Test is also presented.

Students Against Racism

Originated in Spring 2016, this group organizes guest speakers and campus debates on everyday mainstream and political topics.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association acts as a sounding board for all student interests, while at the same time assuming the task of providing efficient and productive leadership for the student body. The SGA aims to facilitate student communication, to coordinate and encourage student participation, to provide a means for responsible and effective student participation in appropriate decision-making processes of the College, to further student welfare and interests, to ensure justice for all students, and to coordinate all these into one main objective - that of a more complete educational experience.
Meets: Mondays, Room 4402

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Is a national, social fraternity that was founded during the fall of 2010.


Founded in 1925, the Troupers is the College's dramatic organization. The members act, produce, and direct several full-length and one-act plays each year. Guests from the professional theater demonstrate techniques at meetings. Its aims are not only cultural and literary, but also practical since it offers experience in theater arts. The Troupers perform every semester.

Zeta Gamma Delta

Is a local sorority founded at SFC during 2015.