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Center for Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

Created to provide resources and support to St. Francis faculty, the Center for Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is rooted in a long history of faculty achievement and commitment to student success.

We support a wide range of institutional goals in alignment with the College’s strategic plan, with a particular focus on helping SFC maintain a diverse learning environment that prioritizes the dignity of all members of our community.

Our Goals

The CAFE is dedicated to advancing teaching, learning, and faculty development. We strive to do so through goals in three core areas: institutional excellence, support, and community.

Institutional Excellence

  • Foster student success by helping faculty implement innovative instructional design and curriculum development methods (1.1, 1.2).
  •  Identify areas of need and more effectively gauge student achievement by providing faculty guidance and training (1.1, 1.2).
  •  Establish and implement internal assessment measures for the efficacy of CAFE initiatives (1.1).
  • Promote faculty excellence and innovation by showcasing teaching, research, and scholarship to foster further achievements (1.1).


  • Provide mentorship, workshops, and training to advance faculty development across career stages (1.1).
  • Prepare chairs and directors for their roles through leadership development and training (1.1).
  • Share resources, scholarship, and best practices on student-centered pedagogies and assessment of student learning with all members of the St. Francis community (1.1, 1.2).
  • Support all faculty members through periods of transition and the changing landscape of higher education (1.1).


  • Foster connections between faculty to encourage the sharing of resources, mentorship, and opportunities related to teaching, service, and scholarship (1.1).
  • Offer inclusive, accessible, and equitable opportunities for part-time faculty members to engage across the St. Francis community (1.1).
  • Support college-wide efforts to expand co-curricular opportunities across campus and develop co-curricular maps that increase student awareness of and engagement with co-curricular opportunities (1.2, 1.3).
  • Welcome and advocate for equitable and diverse perspectives and backgrounds to support faculty in creating learning spaces and experiences that are accessible and inclusive of all members of the St. Francis community (3.2, 3.3).

CAFE Offerings

Visit our CAFE Canvas page to explore:

  • Upcoming events
  • Resources for teaching and learning, assessment, and scholarship
  • News about scholarly and creative works throughout the College.

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Connect With Us

Please reach out directly to a member of the CAFE team with any questions about our initiatives, goals or resources.  

Molly Mann, Ph.D.
CAFE Director

Benjamin Ciesinski
Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Learning