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Faculty | Assistant Professor

Benjamin Wood

Contact Information

[email protected]
Office: 718.489.5308
Room 6008


Ph.D. Religious Studies, Univesity of Toronto
MA Buddhist Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
BA Religious Studies, McGill University

Dr. Wood joined St. Francis College as Assistant Professor of Religious Studies in 2013. Dr. Wood's primary research interests include the cultural history of Buddhism in Tibet and South Asia, the genres of Tibetan biography and autobiography, Buddhist monasticism, and Tibet in the nineteenth century.

His dissertation (University of Toronto, 2012), published articles, and forthcoming work have engaged with a series of topics within Tibetan hagiography, including congregational conflict, ritual, childhood, and monastic law and economy. His research has largely focused on the writings of Losel Tengyong (Blo gsal bstan skyong, b. 1804) and the central Tibetan site of Shalu (Zha lu/Zhwa lu) Monastery.

He also works on two collaborative projects housed at the University of Toronto—a group translation for 84,000: Translating the Words of the Buddha, as well as a SSHRC-funded project entitled "Gold, Statue, Text: Visualizing Movement in Tibetan History," which experiments with new approaches to visualizing the historical movement of persons and things around Shalu Monastery.

Dr. Wood holds a BA in Religious Studies from McGill University (2001), an MA in Buddhist Studies from SOAS, University of London (2005), and a PhD from the University of Toronto (2012).

Primary Teaching:

  • Buddhism
  • Religions of India
  • Survey of the World's Religions
  • Death and the Afterlife

Recent Publications:

  • "The Scrupulous Use of Gifts for the Sagha: Self-Ennoblement Through the Ledger in Tibetan Autobiography," Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines, no. 26, Avril 2013, pp. 35–55.
  • "Misbehaviour and Punishment in a Paper Inscription at Zha lu Monastery: A Preliminary Report." In C. Scherrer-Schaub and K. Tropper (eds.) Tibetan Inscriptions: Proceedings of XII Seminar of IATS. Leiden: Brill, 2013, pp. 107–138.
  • "The Jeweled Fish Hook: Monastic Exemplarity in the Shalu Abbatial History," PhD Dissertation, University of Toronto, 2012. Website:

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