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The maintenance is scheduled to take place on the following days: June 21, June 22, July 11, July 13, August 1, August 3, August 16, and August 17. If you experience any problems accessing any of these applications during these dates, please understand the application may be down for migration. SFC IT will be sending out notifications when systems are back online. Thank you for your support and patience during this process.



SFC Human Rights Lecture Series

As an integral part of creating a signature Human Rights Program at St. Francis College, the Human Rights Lecture Series was established in Spring 2021. The Lecture Series invites leading experts and activists from the corporate, non-governmental, non-profit, academic, or governmental sectors to share their perspectives on advancing human rights, broadly defined in all its aspects, with internal and external communities. The hope is that the Lecture series in this progressive Franciscan institution will inspire transformative activism among our students and communities.

Institute for Global Engagement
Economics, History, and Political Science Dept.
Management and Information Technology Dept.
Accounting and Business Law Dept.
The Office of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue
SFC Chapter of Amnesty International

Past Events

Human Rights, Sustainability and Global Finance

SFC Human Rights Lecture Series presents:
Human Rights, Sustainability and Global Finance - The Needed Convergence


Dr. Aniket Shah
Senior Fellow, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment &
Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Finance and International Development, Columbia


Prof. John Dilyard
Management & Information Technology and Interdisciplinary Studies Depts.
Prof. Olivia Bullio Mattos
Economics, History & Political Science Dept.

In this special lecture, Aniket Shah will explain, not only how human rights, sustainability, and global finance are interrelated, but also why they need to converge, and what this means for all of the agents and stakeholders this global situation involves.

This convergence of frameworks for social action also requires the convergence of mindsets: the adoption of long-term perspectives, engaging with new types of data, and applying frameworks that bring a more comprehensive range of values into consideration.

Reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is both a human rights imperative and a long-term global financial imperative. At the same time, however, financing the SDGs is a complex task. It would require an unprecedented coordination between public sector organizations and private institutions. It would require significant reform to global financial regulation and financial institutions. And it would require a meaningful commitment from all corporations – large and small – to tackle the challenges outlined by the SDGs. This lecture will outline a pragmatic framework with first steps

The Future of Work, Family, and Society

SFC Human Rights Lecture Series presents: Global Citizenship — The Future of Work, Family, and Society

With Guest Speaker:
Luna Corbetta
Principal, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - Organization and Workforce Transformation

In this special lecture our speaker will explore the relationship between the core values of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) and the framework they provide for transforming the interdependent world we live in today. Throughout this conversation we will learn the ways in which we can use the IDEA framework to change an organization, which in turn can begin to change our communities and, eventually, society at large.

How to Reverse Extreme Inequality in the World

SFC Human Rights Lecture Series presents:
“Power Switch: How to Reverse Extreme Inequality in the World”

A Conversation Between

Paul O'Brien, J.D.

Executive Director, Amnesty International USA
Formerly Vice President at Oxfam America
Author of recent book, “Power Switch: How We Reverse Extreme Inequality”


Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D.
President, St. Francis College

In this conversation with President Martinez-Saenz, Paul O’Brien will address this critical question: Is it actually possible that we might emerge from this pandemic with a peaceful global power switch from those who have too much to those who don't have enough?

With billionaires able to decide the fate of nations, private corporations more powerful and less accountable than ever, and political autocrats around the world shaking our confidence in democratic institutions, power resides in all the wrong places. And so, our world is in crisis. In such moments, activists find opportunities. Not to restore the pre-crises order, but to transform it. Paul O'Brien will argue that progressive activists may never have a better opportunity to rewrite economic rules, systems and outcomes in favor of those who don't have enough.

Drawing on his recently published book, “Power Switch,” he will offer practical action steps for activists who want to drive a power switch that overcomes extreme inequalities in our world.

Reversing inequality is the ultimate fight for human rights and dignity for all.

For more information please contact:

Esther Hassell
Administrative Assistant & Programming Specialist
[email protected]

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