The Institute of E-government and Global Sustainability

The Institute of E-government and Sustainability

Dennis Anderson, Ph.D.
Executive Chair

Partner Institution

Institute for E-Governance
Tallin University of Technology
Tallin, Estonia



Some activities including:

  • Creating and offering course(s) related to e-government, e-governance, and sustainability. Developing and implementing a collaborative inter-discipline and cross-discipline teaching model;
  • Offering student internships;
  • Collaborating with various institutes and organizations to develop programs related to e-government and sustainability.
  • Hosting and offering leadership lectures, forums and events including a think tank;
  • Building partnerships with local and international academic and research communities and businesses;
  • Looking for potential funding and naming opportunity


The Institute’s mission is to support the academic and practical research on e-government and sustainability through education, forums and programs. It promotes e-government and global sustainability activities and initiatives.

SFC’s Institute of E-government and Global Sustainability IP is committed to engagement with the academic and policy community at large and to creating substantive academic research that contributes to the field.

The Institute participates or have participated in the following global organizations and conferences that advance e-government sustainability research and education:

  • United Nations
  • The World Bank
  • CIO Executive Forum
  • International Conference on E-Banking and Global Marketplace
  • Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology
  • UNESCO Education Leaders Forum
  • UBS Wolfsberg Think Tank
  • Global E-government Forum

Click here for a complete list of recent activities.


  • United Nations DESA
  • ICEGov 2014 Program Committee
  • CyberSecurity Conference
  • Tallin University of Technology
  • NABU - Knowledge Transfer Beyond Boundaries
  • Organizing Committee Member, First Annual New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference (NYMJCSC 2014)
  • Senior Research & Coordinator, United Nations E-Government 2014 Survey Data Collection


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