Center of Excellence in Project Management

Center of Excellence in Project Management

Barbara Edington, DPS, PMP (Director)

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Businesses build our society with innovative products and services. Academic institutions build the innovators.

How can we increase the possibilities, the creativity, the speed at which businesses and academics work together to generate a better community and a more substantial role in global projects?

The Center of Excellence in Project Management at St. Francis College is providing the platform for the conversations and collaborations that need to take place to build a better community, both locally and globally.

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Project management continues to be a growing field across many industries. It is of significant interest that the profession is developing a strong foothold in non-IT related industries such as marketing, health care, and the creative arts.

We welcome you to learn more about the Center and the programs we offer,

Barbara Edington, DPS, PMP
Director, Center of Excellence in Project Management

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Fulbright Scholar Dr. Andreas Gofas to Discuss Liberal Democracies' Efforts to Combat Terrorism

Dr. Andreas Gofas, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Emile Noël Senior Fellow and Associate Professor of International Relations at NYU School of Law, will deliver an address on April 25th to the St. Francis College community, examining the balance liberal democracies like the United States must strike between providing security and protecting individuals' civil liberties when combating terrorism.