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The Numbers Add Up, Mathematics Provides a Strong Foundation

Numerical calculations. Problem solving. Logic. Analysis. Synthesis. Mathematical reasoning. Quantitative patterns.

These skills are increasingly essential in the rapidly-growing fields of science and technology.

Mathematics is also the perfect minor for management, information technology economics, and fields such as biology, physics, and chemistry. Courses are also available for prospective teachers majoring in Mathematics Education (both Adolescence and Childhood Education).

Our professors help students build a strong foundation of analytical thinking that can be transferred to any career.

The Mathematics major at St. Francis College work in:
  • business,
  • government,
  • industry,
  • teaching,
  • and research.
Other go on to graduate studies in mathematics and related sciences, or become:
  • teachers,
  • software engineers,
  • financial engineers,
  • financial planners,
  • appraisers,
  • technical writers,
  • systems engineers,
  • data analysts,
  • and much more.