The Numbers Add Up, Mathematics Provides a Strong Foundation


Numerical calculations. Problem solving. Logic. Analysis. Synthesis. Mathematical reasoning. Quantitative patterns.

These skills are increasingly essential in the rapidly-growing fields of science and technology.

Our professors help students build a strong foundation of analytical thinking that can be transferred to any career.

The Mathematics major at St. Francis College work in:
  • business,
  • government,
  • industry,
  • teaching,
  • and research.
Other go on to graduate studies in mathematics and related sciences, or become:
  • teachers,
  • software engineers,
  • financial engineers,
  • financial planners,
  • appraisers,
  • technical writers,
  • systems engineers,
  • data analysts,
  • and much more.

Mathematics is also the perfect minor for management, information technology economics, and fields such as biology, physics, and chemistry. Courses are also available for prospective teachers majoring in Mathematics Education (both Adolescence and Childhood Education).

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Mathematics belongs both to the sciences and to the liberal arts. Not only is it the language of science, but it is also studied for its own beauty. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality.

The department of Mathematics offers a wide spectrum of mathematics courses ranging from first-year courses to upper-level advanced courses that cover the full undergraduate curriculum in mathematics, leading to a B.S. in Mathematics. The challenging B.S. degree program is excellent preparation for graduate study at any university.

The Mathematics major and minor prepare students for careers in business, government, industry, teaching, and research. The rapid advances of science and technology have multiplied the domains in which mathematics is a prerequisite for a variety of applications in modern technologies. In today’s technology-oriented climate, the department’s graduates have new opportunities for employment and professional advancement.

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Arthur DiClementi

Arthur DiClementi

Fotios Paliogiannis

Fotios Paliogiannis

Department Chairperson, Professor
Nigel Salts

Nigel Salts

Adjunct Professor
Robert Schaefer

Robert Schaefer

Adjunct Professor
Erez Shochat

Erez Shochat

Associate Professor

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This is a Time For Us to Be Bold - President Martinez-Saenz Lays Out Vision for St. Francs College

In a deeply personal address with anecdotes about his family and an exploration of the mission of college education in the modern day, St. Francis College President Miguel Martinez-Saenz laid out an ambitious plan setting the College on a path of growth and transformation.

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The Inauguration of President Miguel Martinez-Saenz

The words of poet Maya Angelou were the first ones uttered by President Miguel Martinez-Saenz to a standing room only crowd of prospective students and their parents at the St. Francis College Open House in October. They knew, right away, this new president was energized with new ways to engage and educate the entire college community.

Now a few months into his tenure as the 19th President in its 160 year history, St. Francis College is proud to announce a series of events celebrating the inauguration of President Miguel Martinez-Saenz.

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Goals & Objectives

  • Introduce students to the fundamental areas of mathematics and train students in the analytical thinking characteristics of pure and applied mathematics.
  • Teach students abstract mathematical reasoning and provide familiarity with rigorous methods of mathematical proof.
  • Prepare mathematics majors for the competitive world of graduate studies in mathematics and related sciences.

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