join us for the online orientation

New Student Online Orientation

We are excited to welcome you to our SFC family! As a new Brooklyn Terrier you will begin a fulfilling journey that will challenge you to DreamServe and Achieve.
After the completion of the steps below ‘before Orientation’, you can begin your Online Orientation Experience!

We are beyond excited to get to know you more and to guide you through your SFC journey by inviting you to our New Student Orientation.

To make sure you are fully prepared to start your SFC experience, you will need to complete 2 mandatory Orientation experiences- one is a fully guided online video series and the second is a virtual live session with the SFC team!

Part I

Similar to your favorite Netflix movie, we hope you are excited to learn all about SFC thorough our Guided Online Orientation experience!

The online session has videos and resources from your support and success teams at SFC. After you watch and read each section and check out the tips and resources, you will see a green check mark appear on the section. Once you complete all sections, you will receive a certificate of completion certifying that you are ready to begin SFC!  Complete this online session as soon as possible. You can always go back and re-watch key parts you enjoyed.

Part II

Our Virtual Live Orientation sessions give you an opportunity to meet and greet key SFC teams who will guide you on your journey! You will learn about the SFC culture and community and hear from current students who are excited to welcome you into the SFC family. Our live online orientation will take place on Friday, January 15th from 10am to 1pm using Zoom.

Please RSVP  for the event! This live zoom session will help you acclimate to the SFC community and start your journey as a Terrier.

Your Before Orientation Checklist:

Here are the next steps you need to take on your path to becoming a Terrier:

  1. Review the practice Skills Assessment questions (located in your Canvas AEC 1000 course)
  2. Complete the Skills Assessment
  3. Complete your New Student Course Questionnaire
  4. Download the Navigate Student app 
  5. Using the Navigate app, schedule a New Student Registration appointment with an advisor in the Center for Student Success

All links are provided through your Canvas new student course (AEC 1000_A1- 21-SPX):

What happens at these stages and why is completing every step important?

Skills Assessment - the skills assessment scores will provide your Center for Student Success advisor an indication of your abilities so that they can guide you appropriately in what courses you need for your major. The exam is not pass/fail but your scores will help your academic advisor determine the appropriate placement in your college courses.

New Student Course Questionnaire - provides academic advisors information on your interests and preferences so they may assist you in building your first semester course schedule at SFC.

Navigate Student App - SFC uses the Navigate student app to schedule appointments with advisors, tutors and all key student support offices, never miss important events or deadlines with the TO-DO feature, easily see your course schedule, find study buddies in your classes, take a major explorer and more!

New Student Registration Appointment - will include a virtual advisement session with an advisor in the Center for Student Success. During these meetings, you will meet an academic advisor, review your course schedule and discuss any questions you may have about your academic program and starting SFC.

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