Brooklyn Book Festival: Writing Brooklyn's Future
7th Floor Maroney Theatre, St. Francis College

St. Francis College MFA Program touts that the future of the Brooklyn literary landscape is here. A group reading with the St. Francis College MFA community brings you dispatches from the new Brooklyn, vibrant, confident, and gritty. Take a tour through new writing about or from the future of the borough from the writers who are charting the Brooklyn renaissance.

The event is hosted by MFA director and writing instructor Theo Gangi with:

  • Felice Belle, poet, playwright and pop culture enthusiast
  • Mark Chuisano, writer, recipient of a Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate fiction
  • Vincent Longobardi, writer of fantasy, science fiction, alternate history and comedy
  • Jive Poetic, actor, educator
  • Adela Sinclair, Romanian-American poet, translator, and teacher
  • Jason Starr, author, comic book writer and screenwriter

For more information, email Theo Gangi. In order to ensure the safety of the SFC community, everyone who plans to visit campus must submit a SFC Visitor Form prior to entering the building and arriving on campus. Proof of being fully vaccinated or proof of negative antigen COVID-19 test or proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test is required. Please review the St. Francis visitor policy before your visit.