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Callahan Center Art Gallery

The Callahan Center Art Gallery features works from local, regional and international artists in a variety of artistic styles.

Art in the Lab Exhibition includes work made at and inspired by Art in the Lab events. Founded in 2015 by Alison Dell, Ph.D., Associate Professor Biology at St. Francis College, and Irina Ellison, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of Natural Sciences at Mercy College, Art in the Lab promotes crosstalk between art and science through free public workshops where participants engage in authentic laboratory experiences and create art inspired by interaction with scientific collections.

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Calendar of Events

The Callahan Center Art Gallery is booked for more than a year in advance. The schedule for current and future shows is listed below but may be subject to change.

Wed, Mar 4 - Mon, May 4, 2020 Art in the Lab Fifth Annual Exhibition

Public Viewing Hours for Art in the Lab Fifth Annual Exhibition: 9AM - 6PM


  • Wednesday, March 25
  • Tuesday, March 31
  • Thursday, April 2 
  • Friday, April 3
  • Tuesday, April 13
  • Monday, April 20
  • Tuesday, April 21
  • Friday, April 24
Art Gallery Hours:
Open daily from 7AM - 11PM

For information on scheduled exhibitions and receptions, please email

Past Exhibition

Past Artists

Jackie Robinson Exhibit
Fred Terna
Lumen Prize Winner
Lumen Prize Winner
Lumen Prize Winner
Lumen Prize Winner
Linda Moses
Ernie Mortuzanis
Alfonse Borysewicz
Scherezade Garcia
Raul Manzano


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