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June 11, 2021

New Transfer Tracker Platform Simplifies Admissions and Enrollment for Incoming Transfer Students

SFC Transfer Tracker

Transfer students considering enrolling at St. Francis College will now know immediately if academic credits they earned from other institutions will apply towards a SFC degree, thanks to a new online tool that helps make the transfer process seamless and transparent.

Unveiled this week, the St. Francis College Transfer Tracker is a straight-forward user-friendly platform that tells students which of the courses they completed elsewhere fulfill SFC's academic requirements, giving a clear picture of the time needed to graduate.

Transfer Tracker prompts students to submit information – including the SFC majors that interest them, the colleges attended and courses completed there, and Advanced Placement (AP) or other potentially credit-granting exams taken – before letting them know exactly how far along they are towards earning a SFC degree in their preferred majors.

Students can use Transfer Tracker without creating an account or starting a formal admittance application.

"Many transfer students are plagued by uncertainty around whether their prior coursework will 'count' at a new college and trying to sort it out is time-consuming and complicated," said Tricia Hughes, Associate Director of Admissions. "Transfer Tracker transforms that process for potential Terriers. It makes perfectly clear how many credits they have at SFC and which course requirements they have already fulfilled here, before they even step foot through our doors."

Transfer Tracker's platform – powered by the education technology company EAB – draws in course information from thousands of institutions across the country. Once students identify the schools they can enter a portion of the full course name – such as Biology – and Transfer Tracker will show them a list of courses at that school that include that keyword. Students pick the ones they finished, eliminating the need to submit or refer to an official transcript.

Students can supply information from multiple institutions dating back any number of years.

"Students may be much closer to earning a bachelor's or master's degree than they realize. We want them to understand right away what credit they should expect to receive if they enroll at SFC," said Greg Bardzell, Assistant Director of Success Partnerships, Academic Affairs. "Our goal is to make sure every student knows the fastest possible route to the graduation stage, and we do that by honoring the work and time they have put into their education already."

Transfer Tracker helps students who are still researching potential majors, by showing career paths and salaries associated with different degrees. It also recommends SFC majors based on how many of the major's requirements the student has already fulfilled from prior coursework.

"SFC's admissions office was amazing at helping me transfer into the school, but same as at all colleges, I had to share my official transcripts and they had to go through a pretty long process figuring out what credits I had," said Jessica Gutierrez '22, who transferred into SFC in fall 2019 after having attended Medgar Evers College. "Transfer Tracker is a game changer. I know students who transfer to SFC will be as happy as I am here, and they can know even faster what credits they can bring with them."

Students enrolling at SFC may be eligible to receive additional academic credits based on achievements outside the classroom, including by having earned professional licenses or completing certain military or job training. SFC admissions professionals work separately with such students to ensure those types of credits are applied.

"I work with students every day who are thinking about completing a college degree at SFC, and one of the first questions they ask concerns credit transfers," said Michael Phillips '08, Senior Admissions Counselor. "It's so critical that students transferring into SFC know precisely which degree requirements their prior work satisfies, so they can plan for the future they want."

St. Francis College typically enrolls more than one hundred transfer students each year. To learn more about transferring to SFC and to use the Transfer Tracker, visit the SFC Transfer Students webpage.

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