Social Media Directory

Keep up on the latest St. Francis College news and events, and join in conversations with the SFC community, in our social media channels. In addition to the College's main accounts, many departments, groups and clubs maintain their own presence in social media, so check out the directory below to find the right accounts to follow.

St. Francis College's Flagship Accounts

Main College

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SFC President

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Departments and Programs

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Center for Entrepreneurship @sfc_cfe @EntrepreneurSFC @SFCCFE
Counseling and Wellness Center @sfc_counseling.wellness    
Accessibility & Accommodations @sfc.accessibility    

Academic Enhancement Center @SFC_AEC  
Library @sfclibrary @sfclibrary @sfclibrarynyc
MFA Program @sfc_mfa @sfc_mfa @SFC.MFA
Mission, Ministry and Interfaith Dialogue @sfc_mission    
SFC Innovate @sfc_innovate   @sfcinnovate
SFC International @sfcnyinternational   @sfcnyinternational
Women's Film Festival @sfcwomensfilmfest @sfcwomenfilmfes @sfcwomensfilmfestival


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Athletics Academics   @sfbk_academics  
Basketball (M) @sfbkmbb @SFBK_MBB  
Basketball (W) @sfbkwbb @SFBK_WBB  
Bowling @sfbk_bowl @SFBK_Bowling  
Cross Country/Track & Field  (M/W)                                      @sfbk_track @SFBK_Track @StFrancisCollegeXCTF
Golf (M) @sfbk_mgolf @sfcmensgolf  
Golf (W) @SFBK_WGolf @SFBK_Womensgolf  
Soccer (M) @sfbk_soccer @SFBKsoccer  
Soccer (W) @sfbk_wsoc @SFBK_WSoc  
Sports Medicine @sfbk_sportsmed @sfbk_SportsMed  
Strength & Conditioning @sfbk_strength    
Swimming & Diving (M/W) @sfbk_swimming @SFBK_MWSwimming  
Tennis (M) @sfbk_mtennis    
Tennis (W) @sfbk_wtennis    
Tennis (M/W)   @SFBK_Tennis  
Volleyball (M) @sfbkmvb @SFBKMVB  
Volleyball (W) @sfbk_vb @sfbk_vb  
Water Polo (M) @sfbk_mwp    
Water Polo (W) @sfbkwwp @SFBK_WWPolo  

Student Groups

  Instagram TWITTER
Student Activities @sfcactivities    
Accounting Society @sfcaccoutingsociety    
African Cultural Club @sfc_asa    
Albanian Roots Club @arc_sfc    
Alpha Lambda Delta @sfc_alphalambdadelta    
APD Fraternity @apdbetasigma    
Alpha Sigma Zeta Sorority @alphasigmazeta_delta    
Astrology Club  @sfcastrology    
Caribbean Student Association @sfc_csa    
Cinemates @cinematesofsfc    
Dance Team @sfc_danceteam    
Environmental Club @sfcenvironmentalclub    
Kappa Theta Nu Sorority @kappathetanusfc    
LGBTQ Club @SFC_LGBTQ    @sfclgbq
Nursing Club @sfcnursingclub    
Photography Club @sfc_photography_club    
Pre-Law Society @sfcprelaw    
Pre-Med Club @sfcpremedhealth    
Radio Club @sfcradio_ @SFCRadio_  
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity @tke_sfc    
Terrier TV @sfcterriertv @SFCTerrierTV  
Troupers @troupersofsfc   @TheTroupersofSFC
Zeta Gamma Delta Sorority @zetagammadelta