The Office of Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs

Mission and Vision

The Office of Multicultural Affairs primary goal is to bring awareness to an campus environment that is diverse, inclusive and provides student support. We will create programming and educational opportunities in the areas of appreciation of cultural competency, social justice, leadership development, and student success. We will create programs, events and educational opportunities that celebrate SFC’s rich multicultural community.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs will be aspiring to continue creating an atmosphere that promotes diversity, inclusion and support for our students here at St. Francis College.

Our programs and initiatives include:

SFC Diversity Team
Helps facilitate, promote and engage students in the Multicultural area in student services. This is an educational opportunity for student leaders to not only enhance our culture of campus, but also to educate their peers.

This team consists of 5 to 10 students advocating for underrepresented students in ways to help supply educational components necessary to foster a community of inclusion.

SFC Round Table Talk
Designed to have "real talk" conversations that will be guided and facilitated by professionals, offering an opportunity to explore while gathering valuable information on issues and challenges facing diversity, both on and off-campus. This will be a series on various topics that would presented in Diversity focus groups.

Male Initiative Forum

Provides a safe space for males on campus that particularly targets underrepresented populations. This group will be working to promote growth and support for our male students living in today’s society.

Bi-weekly meetings are held Thursdays at 4 pm for one hour on Zoom. Register at

Women Empowerment Initiative

Provides a safe space for cultivating personal growth and empowerment through programs and meetings geared towards the needs of our female students.

Bi-weekly meetings are held Thursdays at 4 pm for one hour on Zoom. Register at

Cultural Clubs


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Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Affairs
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