St. Francis College is thrilled to welcome back students, faculty and staff.

Back to Brooklyn: Roadmap for 2020 – 21 Academic Year

St. Francis College is thrilled to continue to provide our students, faculty and staff an exemplary educational experience.

We modified our campus facilities and operations in accordance with local, state and federal public health requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The environment we maintain on campus is guided by two core principles:

  1. Optimizing our community's well-being by mitigating COVID-19 transmission.
  2. Delivering a stellar Franciscan education aimed at student success and achievement. 

Our plan for the year is flexible. Our Back To Brooklyn Taskforce for Reopening is monitoring the pandemic situation closely and will change course based on New York State guidance and/or our own assessment of the public health situation as it affects the Terrier community. We are prepared to adjust quickly as needed, in accordance with the latest government and public health practices.   

In the meantime, we’re excited to be on this new path together with our Terrier family. 

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