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Alumni Association

Founded in 1887, the Alumni Association serves to advance the principles and purposes of St. Francis College and benefit all graduates.

All former graduates of St. Francis College become members upon graduation.

The Association promotes the growth, development, and welfare of the College while advancing the social, professional, and economic interests of its members. The Association also renders financial aid and sponsors a number of social and educational affairs that serve to stimulate and maintain interest among its members. This fosters new acquaintances among graduates and former students.

To ensure adequate communication with our alumni, the College publishes Terrier alumni magazine and sends out email newsletters and notices throughout the year.

  • President - Dyanne Rosado '95
  • Vice President - Joseph M. Acciarito '12
  • Secretary - Antonevia Ocho-Coultes '04
  • Directors
    • James F. Bozart '86
    • John J. Casey '70
    • Salvatore P. Demma '09
    • Bob A. Dennis '71
    • Mary Anne P. Killeen '78
    • Jennifer Ladelfa '06
    • Josephine B. Leone '08
    • Alfonso Lopez '06
    • James H. McDonald '69
    • Miguel Medrano '18
    • Katie Mills '09
    • Patricia M. Moffatt-Lesser '77
    • Jonathan K. Ng '07
    • Josephine M. Pagliughi '13
    • Elizabeth Peralta '15
    • Sara Sooy '14
    • Robert L.Smith '72
    • Dr. Joseph Stuto '09
    • Theresa M. Spelman-Huzinec '88
    • Kevin Conlon '11

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