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St. Francis College is led by an experienced set of academic and institutional experts; all focused on creating a welcoming, nurturing environment where students can mature and gain valuable tools to become model citizens of the 21st century.

Meet the Cabinet
Tim Cecere 2023

Tim Cecere

[email protected]
Office: 718-522-2300 
Stanley Bazile
Vice President for Student Affairs | Co-Director of The Office of DEI

Stanley Bazile

VP of Academic Affairs for Enrollment & Academic Programs

Gale Gibson-Gayle

[email protected]
Office: 718.489.5240 
Vice President for Facilities Management and Capital Projects

Kevin O`Rourke

[email protected]
Office: 718.489.5203 
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Hayley B. Dryer, Esq.

[email protected]
Office: 718-489-2115 
Dir. of Office of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue | Co-Director of The Office of DEI

Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF

Rob Oliva
Vice President of Enrollment Management & Community Relations

Robert Oliva ’04

[email protected]
Office: 718.489.5372 
VP of Research & Compliance | Divisional Dean of Sciences, Health Sciences & Nursing

Allen Burdowski

[email protected]
Office: 718-489-5324 
Ali Scott
Assistant Vice President | Director of Marketing and External Affairs

Ali Scott

Chief Information Office (Acting)

Matthew Hogan ’01

[email protected]
Office: 718-489-5447 

Cabinet's Mission

The President’s Cabinet serves as the executive leadership team to President Timothy Cecere and stewards of St. Francis College’s Mission, Strategic Vision and Values.

SFC’s leadership team is a diverse representation of the students, faculty, staff and alumni that comprise all aspects of our Franciscan values-based learning community. We support SFC’s students to ensure the institution’s quality, integrity and sustainability. We develop strategies that adapt to changing environments, steward the College’s budget and resources, and further SFC’s Strategic Vision to prepare our students to reflect the just society in which we want to live.

Cabinet’s Leadership Principles

  • We serve as stewards of SFC’s educational and business operations, furthering the mission and practice of its students, employees and reputation.
  • We operate from a place of trust and assume the best intent by demonstrating the utmost respect for, confidence in, and support of cabinet colleagues and their expertise by bringing a learning mindset.
  • We responsibly engage and maintain a pulse on the community and its needs, working with stakeholders to, in a Franciscan way, manage difficult conversations and solve persistent problems.
  • We embody the behavior we hope to instill in the community by being effective communicators, accountable for respecting everyone’s viewpoint, and supporting the team’s collaborative ideas - even if we disagree individually.
  • We ensure strong communication and dissemination of information to each other and the campus community with an appreciation for the effective balance of confidentiality and transparency.

Cabinet’s Responsibilities

  • Set the overall strategy for the College
  • Create and support the conditions for successful implementation of the college strategy.
  • Ensure the highest ethical standards are being exercised by the College.
  • Protect the SFC mission and honor Franciscan values.
  • Exhibit financial acuity and take immediate corrective measures to cure for indiscretions.
  • Support and protect the reputation of SFC in public, private and all other expressions.
  • Ensure that all systems, practices, compliances, policies, procedures and all related actives are up to academic, government, community, social, moral, ethical and legal standards.

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