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Human Rights Lecture Series

Human Rights Lecture Series

The Human Rights Lecture Series features leading experts and activists from the corporate, non-governmental, non-profit, academic, or governmental sectors to share their perspectives on advancing human rights, broadly defined in all its aspects, with internal and external communities.

This series is hosted and organized by SFC International, in collaboration with the SFC Institute for Global Engagement, the Economics, History, and Political Science Departments.

Guests Include

Jochen Fried, Ph.D., Global Citizenship Alliance - Spring 2022

Samir Goswami, Partnership on Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2022

Adrian Karatnycky, Atlantic Council - Spring 2022

Daniel Balson, Amnesty International - Spring 2022

Farid Hafez, Ph.D., Georgetown University - Spring 2022

Satenik Margaryan, Ph.D., City University of New York (CUNY) - Spring 2022

Shirley P Leyro, Ph.D., City University of New York (CUNY)- Spring 2022

Philippe Nassif, Ph.D., Amnesty International - Fall 2021

Natalie Jesionka, Rutgers University - Fall 2021

Agnes Callamard, Ph.D., Amnesty International - Fall 2021

Aniket Shah, Ph.D., Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment - Spring 2021

Luna Corbetta, PwC - Spring 2021

Paul O'Brien, Oxfam America - Spring 2021

Primary Contact
Esther Hassel [email protected]

Past events in series


Human Rights Lecture with Jochen Fried on Why Global Citizenship Matters

In his lecture, Jochen Fried, President and CEO of the Global Citizenship Alliance, will address some of the competing arguments for and against global citizenship.
May 2, 202212:20 P.M. - 2 P.M.Zoom

Human Rights Lecture with Samir Goswami on Corporate Social Responsibility

In his lecture, Samir Goswami lays out a roadmap for what can be done to hold corporations accountable to community values and redefine the term "corporate social responsibility."
April 4, 202212 P.M. - 1 P.M.Zoom

Human Rights Lecture Series on Antisemitism

Joshua Shanes, Ph.D., reviews the history of antisemitism, the myths and lies that lay at its heart, and consider its relationship to other forms of racism and discrimination, as well as to discourse about Israel.
March 31, 202211:10 A.M. - 1 P.M.Zoom

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