Career planning is an ongoing process that begins early in the St. Francis College

Careers at SFC

The heart of St. Francis College is its faculty and staff. These individuals help create an environment of learning and encouragement, Franciscan values and community, and genuine concern for students and each other.

This diverse group works for the College for many different reasons. What all our employees share, however, is the satisfaction of ending their day knowing that their individual contributions support a greater and noble cause: giving opportunity to a deserving student who dares to dream big.

Explore the possibility of working at St. Francis College by browsing our current Job Opportunities below.

Job Opportunities

St. Francis College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

Faculty Positions

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Department of Nursing, Full-time Faculty (Assistant Professor or Associate Professor or Clinical Lecturer )

Adjunct Faculty 

Staff Positions

 There are no available Staff positions at this time

Employee Development

In the same way a St. Francis student benefits from our Franciscan Tradition to develop the whole person, the College makes available to its employees many ways to further their own development. In addition to generous tuition remission and reimbursement programs, our employees attend training and conferences that help further their professional growth. They are also welcome at any of the year-round scholarly lectures hosted at the College.

For those who enjoy the connection to our students, we encourage our workforce to support our Division I sports teams, theater productions, concerts and charity events. Relationships made at such occasions often prove just as rewarding for staff as for students.

St. Francis College plays an active role in the lives of its employees. From day one, it welcomes them to its rich community where opportunities for learning and advancement abound.

Pay and Benefits

At St. Francis we realize that a workforce that is compensated fairly can better focus on the mission of the College. This is why we regularly reference market data to ensure that our salary ranges are consistent with the labor pools in which we compete. We also look at the relationships between the various positions at the College to try and create internal equity amongst the staff.


Equally important to compensation are employee benefits, and we take pride in offering an attractive and generous benefits package to each of our employee populations. We invite you to peruse our benefits summaries below.


Benefits Summary for FT Administrators
Benefits Summary for FT Staff
Benefits Summary for FT Faculty
Benefits Summary for PT Administrators and Staff