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Faculty | Assistant Professor

Theresa L. Sweeny

Contact Information

[email protected]
Office: 7184892021


Curriculum development for the Nursing Department’s Simulation Laboratory
Curriculum development for undergraduate online blended nursing education courses


DrPH, Infectious & Tropical Disease Epidemiology, University of California (UCLA), School of Public Health
MPH, Maternal & Child Health, University of California (UCLA), School of Public Health
MS, Nursing Education, Excelsior College of the University of the State of New York
BA, Medical Microbiology, University of California, Riverside
AS, Nursing, Regents College

Dr. Sweeny has served as a full time faculty member teaching undergraduate nursing courses at SFC since 2016. In Spring 2022 she was awarded SFC’sOnline/Hybrid Training Workshop Certificate, which acknowledges her expertise for teaching online/hybrid courses. Dr. Sweeny has enjoyed teaching at all levels of the nursing program from Fundamentals to Nursing Research. She regards herself as a strong advocate of a student centered learning environment. She also values a diverse student population and was fortunate earlier in her career to teach community medicine courses for 11 years in the medical schools of Tanzania East Africa and Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Administratively, Dr. Sweeny served 3 years on the Faculty Development Committee and presently serves on the college-wide Planning. Committee and on the Curriculum Committee for the Department of Nursing. For the near future in the Nursing Department, she believes that the well-designed Nursing Simulation Lab (with its life-like mannequins) should be a model for enhanced teaching of nursing courses, allowing nursing students to practice and improve their skills in a student friendly environment.

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