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Faculty-Led International Study

Study in Segovia, Spain

This Program gives students the opportunity to expand their horizon and perspectives with an international experience. Students are immersed into the culture, language and life of Spanish people from the Iberian Peninsula. Participants have the opportunity to gain fluency and confidence in communicating with locals as they travel throughout Spain.

Students develop an awareness of the diversity at different levels of European cultures and an appreciation for the complexities of human intercultural relations. While at their destination, students take SFC courses taught by SFC faculty. Faculty-Led Study Abroad in Segovia, Spain, is offered during the Spring semester as well as the Summer 1 session. While earning credits toward a major, minor, or college requirement, this life changing experience is a cultural adventure of a life-time.

Students have the opportunity to travel across Europe!

Program Highlights:
  • All-inclusive program airfare and tuition included
  • Great excursion package
  • Earn 6 credits in four weeks
  • Accommodations: Home stay with host families
  • Learning Spanish Culture and language
  • SFC students
  • GPA 2.50 and above
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Student must submit an essay



  • SPA Lower & Upper Beginning 1101 & 1102
  • SPA Intermediate 2103 &2104
  • SPA 2115 Conversation in Spanish
  • SPA 3402/ICS3315 Spanish Civilization and Culture


  • REL 1201 The Christian Tradition

Business Management:

  • Business/Management/IT/Entrepreneurship Program
  • Bus 4050 Global Entrepreneurship

*These are examples of courses that were taught in the past. Please contact Dr. Sintia Molina for more information about the courses currently available.

Contact Dr. Sintia Molina for more information.

Professor, American Studies, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, and International Cultural Studies, Spanish Departments
[email protected]

Katherine Dyubo 21' - Business Managemen

"To say I feel blessed to have stayed in Segovia is an understatement. It is not only about going to a new place, but the people you meet and the memories you make. Segovia and all of Spain we experienced gave me stories to tell for a life time and new friends to talk about it forever."

Study in Campinas, Brazil

The faculty-led program to Brazil introduces students to Brazil’s recent economic development, its social and political consequences, as well as the practical details of doing business in Brazil. SFC students take a two-week course over the Summer on major political, social, and cultural developments in Brazil during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Students will learn:

  1. The market structure, its major players and demand for various business sectors
  2. The business environment, investment opportunities, existing restrictions for foreign investment and investors, and how to open a company in Brazil
  3. The many aspects of foreign trade
  4. Banking and finance, such as sources of finance available for companies operating in Brazil
  5. Labor relations, general accounting practices, and taxation, discussing the tax burden for corporations

The program is taught in English and takes place in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, at FACAMP campus, a partner institution. In addition to traditional lectures and discussions with Brazilian Professors, students will have several technical visits including to the Brazilian Stock Exchange, the Brazilian Central Bank, selected companies, and guided cultural visits in Campinas and Sao Paulo city.

Participants will stay in a hotel near FACAMP campus for the duration of the program. The course counts for 3 credits and it is open to all majors pending chair approval.

For more information on how to apply, please contact Dr. Olivia Bullio Mattos

Assistant Professor of Economics, Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies Departments
[email protected]

Zane Drobenko 21' - Economics with Concentration in Finance

“The opportunity to meet and learn from engaging, world-class instructors, get to know local students, and tour local historical, financial, and industrial centers provides great perspective and accelerates every student’s goals of becoming a more informed global citizen. The study trip is also a lot of fun. I am grateful to Professor Mattos and SFC for expanding my world view.”

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