Studying abroad can enrich your academic career

Faculty-Led International Study

Study in Segovia, Spain

Explore the world through the faculty-led Program in Segovia, Spain! This Program gives students the opportunity to expand their horizons with an international experience. Students will be introduced to people from the area and will learn about their culture, as well as the history of the beautiful country. They will be immersed in the Spanish language while developing an awareness of the diversity of the European culture having an appreciation for the complexities of human intercultural relations at different levels. Students take SFC courses led by SFC faculty.

Offered during the Summer Sessions, this life-changing experience, while earning credits toward your major, minor or college requirements will be a cultural adventure of a life-time.

Contact Dr. Sintia Molina for more information.

Program Highlights:
  • All -inclusive program airfare, tuition included.
  • Great excursion package
  • Earn 6 credits in four weeks
  • Accommodations: Home stay with host families
  • Learning Spanish Culture and language
  • SFC and all college students
  • GPA 2.50
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Student must submit an essay


  • SPA Lower & Upper Beginning 1101 & 1102
  • SPA Intermediate 2103 &2104
  • SPA 2115 Conversation in Spanish
  • SPA 3402/ICS3315 Spanish Civilization and Culture

  • REL 1201 The Christian Tradition
* New this summer 2019*
  • Business/Management/IT/Entrepreneurship Program
  • Bus 4050 Global Entrepreneurship


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