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Faculty-Led International Study

Study in Segovia, Spain

Students have the opportunity to travel across Europe!

In this 4-week program, students expand their horizons and perspectives through immersion in the culture, language, and daily life of Segovia, one of Spain’s most beautiful and historical cities. Students will improve their Spanish language proficiency and gain the confidence needed to communicate with locals, both in Segovia and throughout Spain during various excursions.

The Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program in Segovia is offered during the Summer 1 session. In Segovia, students take SFC courses taught by faculty from SFC and partner institutions. While earning credits toward a major, minor, or college requirement, students will experience the cultural adventure of a lifetime.

Program Highlights:
  • Great excursion package (trips to Madrid, Sevilla, Granada and other amazing cities and cultural sites)
  • Earn 6 credits in four weeks
  • Accommodations: Homestay with host families
  • Immersion in Spanish culture and language
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • SFC students
  • 3.0 GPA and above
  • Valid passport (cannot expire within 6 months after return to USA)
  • Vaccinated against COVID-19
  • No previous Spanish language experience is required, though best to have taken some Spanish in High School or at SFC
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Student must submit an essay
  • Meet one-on-one with Program Faculty Leader
  • Must purchase travel insurance

Sample Course Offerings

  • SPA 1101 & 1102 Lower & Upper Beginning Spanish
  • SPA 2103 & 2104 Intermediate Spanish
  • SPA 2115 Conversation in Spanish
  • SPA 2201 Contemporary Readings in Spain and Latin America I
  • SPA 3402 Spanish Civilization and Culture

*The 6 credits you take will be based on your level of Spanish language fluency. You will take a brief language proficiency assessment to determine your level prior to departure.

For more information, contact Dr. Daniel Cooper, Faculty Leader of the Segovia program ([email protected]) or Dr. Ricardo D'Augusta, Director of the Centro de Estudios Hispánicos de Segovia ([email protected]).

Segovia, Spain Faculty-Led Program
Segovia study abroad students at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, summer 2023

“Doing study abroad this summer in Segovia, Spain was a life-changing experience. The professors were passionate about what they were teaching us, which made it more enjoyable for us the students to learn the subject. In the classroom as well as with our daily excursions I gained knowledge and friendships that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I couldn't be happier to have done this experience.”

— Natalia Carrotta, Segovia '23 - B.A. in Childhood Education (English concentration), SFC class of '24

“Studying abroad in Segovia was mesmerizing, enlightening, and inolvidable (unforgettable). I cannot choose one favorite part of this program as I have many, from sharing with my host family, visiting the places we were learning about from our textbooks to the friendships made.”

— Airam Aguasvivas De Los Santos, Segovia '23 - B.A. in Psychology & Minor in Italian, SFC class of '24

Study in Campinas, Brazil

The faculty-led program in Brazil introduces students to Brazil’s recent economic development, its social and political consequences, as well as the practical details of doing business in Brazil. SFC students take a two-week course over the Summer on major political, social, and cultural developments in Brazil during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Students will learn:

  1. The market structure, its major players and demand for various business sectors
  2. The business environment, investment opportunities, existing restrictions for foreign investment and investors, and how to open a company in Brazil
  3. The many aspects of foreign trade
  4. Banking and finance, such as sources of finance available for companies operating in Brazil
  5. Labor relations, general accounting practices, and taxation, discussing the tax burden for corporations

The program is taught in English and takes place in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the FACAMP campus, a partner institution. In addition to traditional lectures and discussions with Brazilian Professors, students will have several technical visits including to the Brazilian Stock Exchange, the Brazilian Central Bank, selected companies, and guided cultural visits in Campinas and Sao Paulo city.

Participants will stay in a hotel near the FACAMP campus for the duration of the program. The course counts for 3 credits and it is open to all majors pending chair approval.

For more information on how to apply, contact Olivia Bullio Mattos, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics, Economics, History. Political Science & Social Studies Departments at [email protected].

“The opportunity to meet and learn from engaging, world-class instructors, get to know local students, and tour local historical, financial, and industrial centers provides great perspective and accelerates every student’s goals of becoming a more informed global citizen. The study trip is also a lot of fun. I am grateful to Professor Mattos and SFC for expanding my worldview.”

— Zane Drobenko 21' - B.A. Economics with Concentration in Finance

Study in Salzburg, Austria

Go global by participating in an exciting Global Citizenship education program in a beautiful European location

The Global Citizenship program takes place in the summer in Salzburg, Austria and is offered by the Global Citizenship Alliance in partnership with St. Francis College.

Salzburg, Austria
Study Abroad in Austria

In an intensive one-week seminar, SFC students—accompanied by a faculty leader—will have the opportunity to engage with other students from US colleges and universities and faculty members from all over the world to become prepared and informed global citizens.

Students will be able to think about important questions facing the world today – war and conflict, climate change, globalization, human rights, democracy erosion, migration, etc. – and propose solutions by working in teams with the support of expert faculty.

The program is open to students taking the following courses in each Spring semester:

  • GLS 1101: Introduction to Global Studies
  • HIS 1200/PSC 1200: Understanding the Human Rights
  • GLS 2000/PSC 2000: Global Citizenship
  • Or the instructor's recommendation

For more information and the cost of attendance, please contact Prof. Olivia Bullio Mattos – [email protected].

Global Perspectives: Our Students Share Their Journeys

-Isabela Pinheiro Colares ‘25

"I had the most thrilling experience throughout my entire summer in 2023. The Global Citizenship Alliance was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear from experts and debate how to both improve one's global citizenship knowledge and recognize the issues that affect our world. The Global Citizenship Seminar was held in Salzburg, the location of the legendary composer and musician Mozart's childhood home to the invention of the tastiest desserts ever, it is a wonderful city rich with history and memories. Being part of this group of students and representing St. Francis College at the Seminar was a lifelong learning experience that made me keep searching for the answer to the question: “What Do We Owe to One Another?”

I had the opportunity to visit historical sites, Mauthausen Memorial, connect with several global influencers who gave me insights and ideas for my future and familiarize myself with a new, incredible culture that drives me to believe we are the ones to create a better place.

I'm grateful to St. Francis College and to Professor Olivia Bullio Mattos who made this trip possible, made sure we had a great experience, and guided us throughout the program."

-Strahinja Kiselcic, ‘24

“In May 2023, I was accepted into the Global Citizenship Alliance 7-day program in Salzburg, Austria. This experience is something I will remember as the highlight of my academic journey, particularly because it allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of my position in the world and the responsibilities I have as a global citizen.

The program was academic as well as spiritual for me. I got the chance to delve more into difficult philosophical ideas. The inquiry into what citizenship means is one topic that keeps coming up in my mind. Citizenship has historically been linked to certain duties and rights that are restricted by national boundaries. Nevertheless, my participation in the program made me think about the question of whether our existing conception of citizenship has to change to properly represent the global character of our world.

Are boundaries that are created meaningful, or are they just an excuse to divide humans according to language, customs, and culture? This experience made me realize that even if we have to go deeper to discover them, the effects of world events may affect us, and we are not immune to them. In the end, it helped me recognize that to function as a global community, it is important to focus on comprehending the traits that people have in common with one another rather than obsessing over the differences.

To strengthen what we learned during the lectures of the program, we visited the historical site, Mauthausen Memorial. This experience was something that I, as a person who grew up in Europe, will definitely remember during my lifetime. The weight of history pushed down on me as I walked through the memorial. The crimes carried out here were not limited by boundaries on a map, but rather driven by a destructive philosophy with no boundaries. I was flooded with a sense of panic upon realizing this, which led me to reflect on the universality of ideas and their lasting power over all aspects of human existence. Seeing the sight of the Yugoslav flag instantly gave my complex feelings even more depth. This flag, now a remnant from the past, spoke to me of both Yugoslav solidarity and later traumatic dissolution in the 90s. It emphasized how identities are dynamic, yet their fragility becomes apparent when exposed to destructive rhetoric that has the potential to shape generations to come.

I express my deep gratitude Dr. Olivia Bullio Mattos for her tremendous support during the trip and for providing me, as an international student at SFC, with the invaluable opportunity to partake in this experience. I am sincerely thankful for her exceptional guidance and efforts in making this journey possible.”

-Nathalie Arbelaez, ’24

“I had the privilege of participating in the Global Citizenship Seminar, an eye-opening experience that broadened my perspective on the interconnectedness of our world and the importance of sustainable practices. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborate with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Throughout the Program, we delved deep into the concept of global citizenship and its relevance in the 21st Century. We explored the far-reaching impacts of globalization on various aspects of our lives, including the environment, health, social and political relations, and the economy. This exploration allowed me to develop a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

One of the highlights was examining the global-local dimension of sustainability. Understanding the significance of keeping our global footprint light, and discussing the need for sustainable practices at both global and local levels. This experience reinforced the importance of making conscious choices to contribute to a more sustainable future.

What truly made this journey remarkable was the opportunity to collaborate with diverse stakeholders. Engaging in insightful discussions with fellow participants and esteemed faculty advisors, we tackled the complexities of global citizenship together. Interacting with individuals from various backgrounds enriched our perspectives and fostered a culture of collaboration and understanding.

I'm proud to have translated the insights gained during the program into actionable change. Empowered by newfound knowledge, I am committed to leveraging my sphere of influence to promote sustainability and equity. Together, we explored practical ideas and solutions that have the potential to create a positive impact and shape a better world for future generations.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Jochen Fried and Astrid Schroeder of the Global Citizenship Alliance for organizing this transformative program and providing a platform for growth, learning, and collaboration. I would also like to express my sincerest appreciation to Professor Olivia Bullio Mattos for her invaluable guidance and mentorship throughout the program. Her expertise, passion, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping my learning experience. The experience has left an indelible mark on my personal and professional journey, and I am excited to continue my pursuit of global citizenship and making a difference in our ever-changing world.”

Visual Diaries: Capturing Moments of Global Learning in Salzburg

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