The Basilica of St. Francis

Franciscan Pilgrimage


All rising sophomores and juniors at St. Francis College have the opportunity to apply for the Student Franciscan Pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome and other places associated with Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

This 10 day pilgrimage takes place during the winter break (including New Year’s Eve festivities in Assisi) and offers the opportunity to learn more about our Franciscan values and traditions. Participants travel and spend time with students of other Franciscan Colleges and Universities under the guidance of pilgrimage staff. This unique experience affords the students time for prayer, reflection and spiritual growth while learning about St. Francis and St. Clare as well as a deepening of one’s own relationship with God, family, society, and all of creation. The dates of this year’s pilgrimage are December 27, 2020 to January 6, 2021.

Three students are chosen every spring to participate in the pilgrimage. Eligibility for the pilgrimage requires an application which includes a written essay from each interested applicant. Students must be enrolled full-time at the College and will be a full-time student at the time of the pilgrimage as well as for the following spring semester, with no outstanding fees on their accounts. The essay should include reasons why the student would like to make the pilgrimage, how he/she thinks it would impact his/her life, what the applicant hopes to gain, what the applicant believes he/she brings to the pilgrimage and what the student hopes to bring back to share with the SFC community. All full-time students who will be sophomores or juniors at the time of the pilgrimage, regardless of religious affiliation or race, are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by Thursday, April 2, 2020.

The student need not be an American citizen to apply but must hold a valid passport and obtain all necessary visa materials for travel to Italy.

If an application/essay meets all the requirements and is chosen to represent St. Francis College, the student is responsible for $1000.00 towards the cost of the pilgrimage as well as his/her personal expenses, and approximately 5 meals. This contribution of $1000.00 will be due by Monday, September 10, 2020. All other outstanding expenses, including airfare, lodging, tips, ground transportation are provided by the College. If a student is not chosen for the available scholarship, or is a rising junior or senior and wishes to participate in the pilgrimage, he or she may do so at their own expense.

There is also a pilgrimage opportunity for employees of St. Francis College. All full-time employees who will have completed three years of employment are encouraged to apply for the Franciscan Leadership Pilgrimage. Please use the contact information below to request more information.

Other students are also welcome to participate if they pay their own expenses.

For more information on these opportunities please contact:

Alexandria M. Egler, PhD
Executive Director
St. Clare Lounge

Timothy Nagy
Assistant Director
Room 1312