Prof. Xia

Online Certified Faculty

In 2017, St. Francis College's Online Learning Task Force recommended online certification for faculty as a best practice for distance learning.

As a result, under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Lancaster, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gale Gibson Gayle, AVP for Online Learning and Program Development and Corinne Smolizza, faculty member in the Department of Management and Information Technology and the Assistant Director of Faculty Center for Technology, were charged with developing and implementing the Online Faculty Certification Course (OFCC).

The Task Force recommended systematic, planned faculty professional development that addresses all instructional modalities for online teaching and learning. The Task Force further recommended the creation of an online course that provides faculty with step-by-step training and assistance to plan/prepare, design/build, test/launch, facilitate/teach, evaluate and refine their courses offered in these modalities.

Twenty full- and part-time faculty members completed St. Francis College's inaugural OFCC.

The OFCC includes topics of best practices for teaching online, course design using the College's learning management system Canvas, developing an online course syllabus and schedule, creating online community presence by facilitating discussion, and working in collaborative group exercises.

Corinne Smolizza served as the OFCC's instructional designer and course instructor. Smolizza incorporated best practices as recommended by Quality Matters national quality assurance standards and rubrics.

The OFCC aims to ensure that the growing numbers of SFC courses offered online match the quality of those in traditional classroom settings. It is also intended to affirm that SFC faculty meet distance-learning standards as required by the New York State Education Department, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and the United States Distance Learning Association.

All faculty will be required to take the OFCC to teach online or hybrid (a mix of online and traditional classroom) courses beginning spring 2020. Those who successfully complete it can identify themselves with a digital badge.

Participants of the Inaugural OFCC

Information Technology Department

1. Martina Blackwood 

Freshmen Studies

2. Gabriella Dominguez

 Religious Studies Department

3. Alexandria Egler

Education Department

4. Diane Haussermann

 Psychology Department

5. Michele Hirsch

Sociology & Criminal Justice Department

6. Emily Horowitz

 Management Department

7. Leonard Jordan

English Department

8. Ian Maloney

Management Department

9. Tarshene Miller-Greaves

IT Department, Technical Trainer

10. Sue Mulderrig

Psychology Department

11. Beth Ouellette

Sociology & Criminal Justice Department

12. Nickie Phillips

Management and Information Technology Department

13. Eda Sanchez-Persampieri

Management Department

14. Katja Schroeder

Management Department and Information Technology

15. Marie Segares

Communication Arts

16. Michelle Steven

CSS, Academic Advisor  17.Nicolas Sulicki    
English Department

18. Gregory Tague


19. Susan Weisman

Psychology Department

20. Karen Wilson


2019 Certified Faculty

Accounting/Business Law 1. Martina Blackwood Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty  
  2. Danielle DiMeglio Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  3. Carmine Nogara Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  4. Marianna Ilyasova Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Management/Information Technology

5. Morgan Blount

Fall 2019

Adjunct Faculty

  6. Barbara Edington Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  7. Keith Hoell Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  8. Leonard Jordan Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty
  9. Esther Klein  Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  10. Tarshene Miller-Greaves Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty
  11. Eda Sanchez-Persampieri Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty

12. Katja Schroeder

Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty
  13. Marie Segares Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  14. Sandy Westcott Fall 2019 Adjunct Faculty
  15. Chang Xia Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty

16. Diane Haussermann

Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty
  17. Marina Gair Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty

18. Derek Glaaser

Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  19. Lisa Paolucci Fall 2019 Full Time Faculty
Psychology 20. Kristi Biolsi Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  21. Laura Egan Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  22. Renee Goodstein Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  23. Michele Hirsch Full-Time Faculty Full-Time Faculty
  24. Beth Ouellette Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty
  25. Karen Wilson Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty
English 26. Jason Dubow Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  27. Ian Maloney Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  28. Gregory Tague Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Socialogy & Criminal Justice 29. Emily Horowitz Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty
  30. Nickie Phillips Summer 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Religious Studies 31. Alexandria Egler Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty
History 32. Timothy Houlihan Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Foreign Languages 33. Sintia Molina Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Chemistry & Physics 34. Evelyn Wolfe Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Nursing 35. Kathleen Marsala-Cervasio Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Health Promotion 36. Starr Eaddy Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Communication  Arts 37. Michelle Steven Fall 2019 Full-Time Faculty
Center For Student Success, Academic Advisors 38. Nicolas Sulicki Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty  & Staff
  39. Gabriella Dominguez Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty & Staff
Registrar 40. Susan Weisman Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty & Administrator
Technology Trainer 41. Susan Mulderrig Summer 2019 Adjunct Faculty & Administrator