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Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) CAPE Exams

The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) is designed to allow students to earn credits by exam.

CXC CAPE provides certification of the academic, vocational, and technical achievement of students in the Commonwealth countries who, having completed a minimum of five years of secondary education, wish to further their studies. The examinations address the skills and knowledge acquired by students under a flexible and articulated system where subjects are organized in one-Unit or two-Unit courses with each Unit containing three Modules.

Accounting Unit 1 Financial AccountingACC 11014-
Accounting Unit 2 Cost and Management AccountingACC 33013-
Agricultural Science Unit 1 GEN ELE3-
Agricultural Science Unit 2GEN ELE3-
Animation and Game DesignGEN ELE3-
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 Statistical AnalysisMAT 23013YES - QR
Applied Mathematics Unit 2 Mathematical Applications *MAT ELE3YES - QR
Art and Design Unit 1 Foundations of Art and DesignLA ELE3YES - HCE
Art and Design Unit 2 Applications of Art and DesignLA ELE3YES - HCE
Biology Unit 1 Biomolecules, Reproduction, and Development **BIO 1201 and BIO 1201L4YES-NPW
Biology Unit 2 Bioenergetics, Biosystems, and Applications **BIO 1202 and BIO 1202L4YES-NPW
Building and Mechanical Engineering DrawingGEN ELE3-
Caribbean StudiesICS 3050/SOC39593-
Chemistry Unit 1 Chemical Principles and Applications I **CHE 1201 and CHE 1201L4YES-NPW
Chemistry Unit 2 Chemical Principles and Applications II **CHE 1202 and CHE 1202L4YES-NPW
Communication StudiesCOM ELE3YES - HCE
Computer Science Unit 1 Fundamentals of Computer ScienceIT 11043-
Computer Science Unit 2 Further Topics in Computer ScienceIT ELE3-
Digital Media Unit 1 Digital Media FundamentalsIT 11023-
Digital Media Unit 2 Applied Digital MediaIT ELE3-
Economics Unit 1 MicroeconomicsECO 22023YES-SEH
Economics Unit 2 MacroeconomicsECO 12013YES-SEH
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Unit 1GEN ELE3-
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Unit 2GEN ELE3-
EntrepreneurshipENT 10013YES-SEH
Environmental Science Unit 1 Ecology, Human Population, and Natural Resource **BIO 10003YES-NPW
Environmental Science Unit 2 Agriculture, Energy, and Environmental Pollution **CHE 13013-
Financial Services StudiesFIN ELE3-
Food and Nutrition Unit 1GEN ELE3-
Food and Nutrition Unit 2GEN ELE3-
French Unit 1FRE 11013-
French Unit 2FRE 12013-
Geography Unit 1 Population Geography, Geomorphic Processes, and HazardsLA ELE3YES-NPW or SEH
Geography Unit 2 Climate, Economic Activity, and DevelopmentLA ELE3YES-NPW or SEH
Green EngineeringGEN ELE3-
History Unit 1 The Caribbean in the Atlantic WorldHIS ELE3YES-WHG
History Unit 2 Atlantic World and Global TransformationsHIS 35013-
Information Technology Unit 1 Information Technology TheoryIT 10013YES-ITML
Information Technology Unit 2 Application and ImplicationIT 11033-
Integrated MathematicsMAT 11074YES-QR
Law Unit 1 Public LawLA ELE3-
Law Unit 2 Private LawLA ELE3-
Literatures in EnglishENG ELE3YES-HCE
Logistics and Supply Chain OperationsORM ELE3-
Management of Business Unit 1 Management Principles and ProcessesBUS 10013-
Management of Business Unit 2 Application in ManagementHR 22043-
Performing Arts Unit 1 Business for the Creative ArtsCOM ELE3-
Performing Arts Unit 2 Theory, Practice, and InnovationCOM ELE3-
Physical Education and Sport Unit 1 FundamentalsPE ELE3-
Physical Education and Sport Unit 2 ApplicationsPE ELE3-
Physics Unit 1 Mechanics, Waves, Properties of Matter **PHY 2001 and PHY 2001L4-
Physics Unit 2 Electricity and Magnetism, AC Theory, and Atomic and Nuclear Physics **PHY 2002 and PHY 2002L4-
Pure Mathematics Unit 1 Algebra, Geometry, and CalculusMAT 22024YES-QR
Pure Mathematics Unit 2 Complex Numbers, Analysis, and MatricesMAT 22034YES-QR
Sociology Unit 1 The Sociological PerspectiveSOC 10003YES-SEH
Sociology Unit 2 Development and Social ChangeSOC ELE3YES-SEH
Spanish Unit 1SPA 11013YES-WHG
Spanish Unit 2SPA 11023-
Tourism Unit 1 Tourism ConceptsMKT 33703-
Tourism Unit 2 Tourism Product Development and MarketingBUS ELE3-

Rev. OAA 110119
Notes: Passing Scores are Grades 1 - 5.

*Students with this credit should get a prerequisite waiver when MAT 1105 is required prerequisite
**Science credits earned through examination may not be accepted by US graduate school programs

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