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Biology B.S.

Biology, B.S.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from St. Francis College means learning from top-flight professors and access to state-of-the-art labs. Students are trained in classical biology, as well as cutting-edge concepts in molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology, and medicine. They will leave prepared for graduate study, professional training in the medical sciences and allied health fields, teaching, or employment in industry concerned with the biological sciences

St. Francis bachelor in biology graduates go on to earn master’s and doctoral degrees from many prestigious universities. Many go on to work as physicians, physician assistants, veterinarians, dentists, podiatrists, scientists, teachers, x-ray technicians, sonographers, and nurses, while others pursue careers at biotechnology firms, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and universities.

Underlying the focused, outcomes-driven biology major curriculum is SFC’s robust General Education Program, which is the cornerstone of SFC and affirms its mission to graduate educated, well-rounded individuals who enter the workforce and work to change and culturally diversify the world.


St. Francis College bachelors in biology students receive the enhanced Terrier 360 system of wrap-around support from day one to after graduation. Within the robust support, our New York students gain in-depth insight and guidance to academic, internship, and career path options via the Center for Student Success, Center for Career Exploration, and Center for Learning and Leadership.


The STEM Resource Center (SRC) at St. Francis College offers students opportunities for various paid student worker positions for STEM majors. Eligible biology major students of all academic years can apply through Handshake.

Additional advantages of SRC include the STEM Student Researchers, STEM Peer Ambassador, and STEM Institute Peer Leaders programs that offer support beyond the classroom through guidance, development, and research specific to STEM fields.

Learn more on the SRC website.



Qualified pre-medicine or pre-veterinary students can gain streamlined admission to St. George University’s Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine on a 4+4 path, where complete their four-year undergraduate degree at St. Francis in a pre-medicine or pre-veterinary medicine program and proceed directly to medical school at St. George’s in Grenada.

Exceptional pre-medicine students can qualify for the "3+4" program, under which they complete their degrees in three years and then move onto medical school at St. George’s before spending the final two (2) years in clinical rotations at hospitals affiliated with SGU.

B.S. in biology students who wish to participate in one of the direct admissions partnerships must indicate their interest upon applying to St. Francis. Qualified New York students will be prioritized for interviews and admissions decisions, provided they meet the admissions criteria for both schools.

Students accepted into the medical program will receive a $10,000 scholarship upon matriculating at St. George’s.


During the first year, students take chemistry and general biology courses emphasizing energetics, cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, and evolution. The second semester emphasizes an evo­lutionary, ecological, and organismal approach to biology.

In the second year, students study organic chemistry, basic cell biology, genetics, and other 2000- or 3000-level courses. Third-year students take physics, biochemistry, and cell and molecular biology. During the last year, students take a senior seminar and finish biology electives. Students are also encouraged to undertake research early on in their education. All students are required to take a comprehensive exam in their senior year, the MFAT exam as part of a senior seminar course.

Check out the full B.S. in Biology Curriculum.

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