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General Psychology M.A.

General Psychology, M.A.

The Master of Arts degree in Psychology at St. Francis College can open the door to many career opportunities. Students who obtain advanced degrees in psychology work in business, education, and law, as well as in the diverse field of human services. This Psychology graduate degree will prepare students for careers in the human services field or for further advanced study in psychology (e.g., Ph.D. programs).

We expect our graduates to be prepared for entrance into mid-level management careers as behavior management specialists, working within human service agencies, human resources, government programs, and health programs, to name but a few potential career tracks.

The program includes foundational courses such as assessment and intervention, professional and ethical procedures, experimental design, cross-cultural and diversity studies, and cognitive neuroscience. During the second year, students will be provided the opportunity to gain valuable research experience through the completion of a master’s thesis.


Our diverse faculty is dedicated to mentorship as well as extensive research with a variety of interests that include Animal Behavior, Cognition/Neuroscience, Clinical, Cross-Cultural and Social Psychology. The College hosts four research centers and labs devoted to the fields of Psychology


This program is meant to serve as a bridge to a doctoral program or as a terminal degree. It is not intended to qualify students to practice as psychologists or therapists, or to use the title psychologist. However, students who graduate with an MA from our program have facilitated acceptance into Alfred University’s Certificate of Advanced Study in Mental Health Counseling program. Completion of this certificate allows students to be eligible for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor.

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