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Management (Hybrid Executive Professional), M.S.

Master Of Science - Management - Hybrid Executive Professional Program (DHS STEM-Designated)

Fall, Spring & Summer (7 credits per semester with rolling admission terms)

At St. Francis College, students can earn the MS in Management degree (all concentrations) in a hybrid format, which combines in-person on-campus instructional hours and online coursework. This STEM Designated program requires attendance at weekend academic residencies.

Further, the Hybrid Executive Professional MS Program meets the needs of international graduate management students with the potential for experiential learning opportunities through approved Curricular Practical Training (CPT) experiences. These related internship or externship career opportunities are available Day 1 of their completed enrollment in the Hybrid Executive Professional MS Management programs while attending St. Francis College.

The Hybrid Executive Professional MS Management permits students to enroll in more than one concentration.

The program is designed such that students are required to register in seven (7) credits each for five (5) consecutive semester through completion, totaling a minimum of 21 credits in a calendar year.

Program Requirements

  • No Summer break in this program design.
  • MGT 6990 must be taken each semester. Students can then substitute this for the capstone MGT6998.
  • Students must adhere to the course prerequisites.

Core Courses: 18 Credit Hours Required

Our graduate degree program consists of 33 credits. Course descriptions can be found on the Catalogue.

Eighteen (18 HRS) are earned in these six foundational courses:

  • ACC 6650 Accounting for Managers
  • BAN 6001 Business Analytics for Managers
  • FIN 6001 Corporate Finance
  • IT 6001 Information Systems for Managers
  • MGT 6001 Organization & Strategy
  • MKT 6001 Marketing for Managers

Concentration: 12 Credit Hours Required

Students can choose between 7 concentrations to combine the foundational knowledge with deep industry-specific expertise.

Twelve (12 HRS) are earned in courses in one of these Concentrations:

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Health Care Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Project Management
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Example courses (Bus. Mgmt.):

  • PM 6000 Fundamentals of Project Management
  • PM 6030 Optimizing Project Management Teams
  • MGT 6003 Organizational Development and Change Management
  • MGT 6004 Special Topics in Organizational Management


Capstone: MGT6998 (3 credit hours in student’s final semester of study) or Supervised Externship: MGT6990 (1 credit hour each semester of study)

The Supervised Externship/CAPSTONE can be either (1) an alternative work/study, internship, externship learning opportunity, (2) employment in an area directly related to the student’s course of study, or (3) a project conducted in collaboration with program faculty applying coursework to a professional setting. The College will not require a Collaborative/Cooperative Agreement with practicum or internship or externship sites. Academic Department approval is the required approval to determine if the placement aligns with the student’s program of study. Students submit an offer letter with detailed functions documenting functions, which are evaluated to determine alignment with the student’s program of study. Additionally, a Designated School Official (DSO) reviews the student’s application prior to the issuance of a CPT endorsed I-20.

As an integral part of the Hybrid Executive formatted programs, this course is required every semester in which a student is taking courses.

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