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Science Honor Society

Join the National Science Honor Society

****Chi Beta Phi****

Requirements for membership:

Total: 3.00 GPA
Major: 3.00 GPA
Membership is open to all biology and chemistry majors who have completed the following:

1. One year general biology

3. Two advanced courses in biology

2. One year general chemistry

4. One year of organic chemistry

Students must have completed a minimum of 60 credts. Applicants who are in the biology and chemistry majors, pre-professional programs of podiatry, dentistry and medical technology should consider applying. Transfer students and students with credits from institutions other than St. Francis College may inquire about membership.

You must submit an unofficial transcript. Applications are available with Dr. Corrigan in room 5200. If Dr. Corrigan is in class or unavailable, kindly leave your name, address, telephone and e-mail.

Applications will be accepted until November 12, 2018. If there are any problems, kindly leave a voice mail on extension 5294. You must submit an unofficial transcript provided by the Registrar's Office.