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Women's Film Festival

A Platform for Emerging & Established Female Filmmakers

The SFC Women's Film Festival strives to recognize new and original voices within the St. Francis College community and neighboring New York City college campuses, as well as create a bridge between women students and professionals.

The festival has screened over 90 films made by women from 27 countries and held panels and workshops on crowdfunding and the entrepreneurial aspects of filmmaking, as well as the past, present and future of women's filmmaking with panelists Ally Acker, Isabel Sandoval, Debra Zimmerman of Women, Make Movies, & Christina Raia of Seed & Spark.

ENTRY IS FREE for the entire call for ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE STUDENTS, FACULTY & ALUMNAE!! Contact Dr. Augusta Palmer, festival director, using your email or provide your date of graduation!

Festival Goals

  1. To inspire discourse among women regarding the expression of women’s image in film, as well as to explore the role of women in the history and evolving art of filmmaking.
  2. Examine emerging film storytelling trends, and artistic viewpoints of female student and professional filmmakers

2020 Women's Film Festival Winners

The judging panel awarded these films in each of the Festival's eight categories.

  • Best Experimental Short
    "Olympia" directed by Giulia Achenza
  • Best Youth Short
    "A Walk Along the Stars" directed by Lani McHenry
  • Best Student Animated Short
    "My Cat Story" directed by SFC Student Allison Priest
  • Best Professional Animated Short
    "They Call Us Maids" directed by Leeds Animation Workshop
  • Best Student Narrative Short
    "The Romantic Movement" directed by Yuhe Lu
  • Best Professional Narrative Short
    "Killing Hope" directed by Natacha Grangeon & Julia Retali
  • Best Professional Documentary
    “Sensei Fran Kicks Ass” directed by Simone Fary
  • Best Student Documentary
    "The 'S' Word" directed by Mireille Sylvester

SFC Women’s Film Fest 2020 Screening & Event List

Tuesday, April 14 | 1:30 m. - 4 p.m. | Shorts Screening 1

short screening 1
The ApprenticeMegan MathiesonUSA14:38In a dystopian society, a young woman named Ria begins to work as an apprentice at a mental hospital only to find that she is trapped in the institution.
MammothJiamin HuangChina14:25A 17-year-old girl Chen Jialai, who is going to participate in a cheerleading competition, suddenly learns of the death of her classmate.
WorriedAva SnowUSA6:20In this short Documentary, Director Ava Snow asks other teens one question only, "What do you worry about?" This film explores that question with the raw, unscripted answers of real youth.
KinkyTayana BrumaireUSA8:42After straightening her natural hair behind her mother’s back, Maybelline, a 14-year old Brooklyn teen who experiences the pressure of looking beautiful must decide whether to remain straight or return to her natural state.
The Worst Day of My LifeJaret MartinoUSA12:57A middle school student is forced to move schools after horrific bullying, despite processing grief and making a huge transition she's able to clear the way for a brighter future.
It’s About Time I QuitChloe PacochaUSA1:56Revolving around an original poem written and read by Chloe Pacocha, this short film will sync your heartbeat with the reader’s as she metaphorically and poetically compares the struggles of quitting smoking with the hardship of heartbreak.
SonataChristine JeziorGermany3:22Featuring music created by John Cage, this film focuses on how he created the tender, gamelan-like sounds he used to compose this piece of music.
Elephant In The RoomChanelle EidenbenzSwitzerland19:30Irna, a mother with a weakening relationship with her son Jago, seeks refuge in a rubber doll named Elias.
Los Angeles, Fuck YouEmilie Rae, Ohanian SvenssonUSA10:39A grown-up child star returns home to her estranged functioning alcoholic father.
And The Party Goes On!Michael AsmarFrance16:16Cécile, an ex-prisoner tries to get back her old life, while an ex-journalist, Abel, finds himself interested and affected by her story.
The ‘S’ WordMireille SylvesterCanada10:13"The ‘S’ Word” is a character-based short documentary that follows 3 unmarried women from different generations, cities, and backgrounds who are without a partner for vastly different reasons.


Meet the Festival Director
Department Chairperson / Associate Professor

Augusta Palmer

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