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Early Decision

Take the stress out of your senior year and apply for an Early Decision with St. Francis College.

Following the success of fall 2021, St. Francis College is once again excited to offer our early decision admissions pathway for entry to fall 2022! Why get excited?

  • Early decision gives high school seniors the opportunity to commit to St. Francis College and receive early notification of their admissions status.
  • Successful early decision applicants can forget about the stressful college application process and complete the school year confident in the certainty of their future plans.
  • No need to stress if you don’t get the early decision outcome you would like. We will roll your application over to our regular decision round. You’ll still have time to work on your final grades.

How do I apply for an Early Decision?

You can apply through the Common App or directly to St. Francis College through our online application portal. Just select “early decision” under Application Type as you progress through the form.

Early Decision Deadlines

  • Monday, November 15: Completed early decision applications. Please also ensure you have submitted your FAFSA so a financial aid package can be prepared for you.
  • Wednesday, December 1: Notification of early decision outcome and associated financial aid package
  • Wednesday, December 15: Commitment to your early decision outcome, including payment of deposit.

*Please note that Nursing programs have limited capacity and early decision may limit availability for regular decision applicants.

Is Early Decision right for me?

It’s important you talk about early decision with the SFC Admissions Team to ensure you have the information you need to back and informed choice. Your high school guidance counselor can also talk through your options.

How many colleges can I apply to?

You can apply to only one college for an early decision. Acceptance of an early decision offer is a binding agreement.

How is my application assessed?

We will use your available test scores from Junior Year to assess you for an early decision. For regular decision we will use your final senior grades. Nursing applicants will need to provide SAT or ACT results for early or regular decision. For more information on Nursing requirements click here.

Does Early Decision impact my financial aid?

No... our personalized financial aid packages, which include generous scholarships based on merit and need, will apply the same to early decision and regular decision applicants.

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