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Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Power of Community

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs promotes academic achievement, multicultural competence, leadership development and retention from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. We also create programs, events and educational opportunities that celebrate SFC’s diverse community.

Our purpose is to create an atmosphere that promotes an inclusive, equitable and supportive campus community for all St. Francis Students.

Multicultural Ambassador

The MCA team promotes and engage students in all areas of Multicultural Student Affairs. This is an educational opportunity for student leaders to contribute to building an inclusive atmosphere on campus as well as to educate their peers. The MCA team is also leading the efforts in developing our Heritage Month celebration programs. They will serve as multicultural ambassadors, advocating for students to help supply the educational components necessary to foster a community of inclusion.

Multicultural Clubs

Albanian Roots

Albanian Roots is a non-profit organization of young Albanian professionals whose primary function is to strengthen the Albanian community by integrating the Albanians and their respective adopted countries throughout the whole Albanian diaspora. Albanian Roots works primarily to build a strong relationship with other Albanian communities to share a more dynamic and cohesive partnership.

Albanian Roots focuses on promoting the Albanian culture and heritage to the younger generations by improving the community in organizing events such as network events, picnics, art shows, festivals, and its main event the Albanian Roots Parade. Albanian Roots focuses on "cultural activities movements" as well as performing activist campaigns through a network of delegates, advisers, and analysts. Events hosted at St. Francis College include Independence Day Celebration, Albanian National Soccer Team viewing parties, charity events, and the Albanian Roots Parade.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a universal movement that gets and demands human rights for people all over the world. Amnesty seeks out research and exposes the injustices happening in the world. The organization brings people together globally to demand these rights for marginalized groups, efforts may look like lobbying or forcing governments and other "head gurus" to free and respect everyone's rights.

We cover the majority of AIUSA's activism groundwork. We work and to integrate building community with the wider campus and those sub-communities as well as learning and educating on universal and domestic human rights and social justice issues.

In our meetings, we present and debate, and share issues that we're currently facing, and action items on how we can act to make a change. We have a newsletter, The Amnesty Journal, which shares the latest stories about Human Rights.

The work that we do at the chapter on campus helps foster and build the passion and hunger for doing life-saving work. We are a new organization on campus, but we are dedicated to being the vessels of change, to defend and empower and build a vision for a newer world where everyone has the ability to experience all of their human rights.

By joining AIUSA, you gain valuable and hands-on experience with leadership, training and mentorship. By joining, you are committing to being a part of a movement where millions of people and youth are not ashamed to raise their voices, you will be joining a family that supports and guides, and builds.

Asian Society

The Asian society wants to represent our Asian students and to be their voice on campus. Some of the important goals for the new upcoming academic year are: to expand the number of members, increase our presence on social media (Facebook and Instagram), and successfully conduct one online event per month including leadership events, cultural theme events, such as Ramadan and Chinese New Year celebration, movie nights, and trivia games. in the meantime, the group is looking for hosting events in collaboration with other clubs.

The good news is, you don't need to be Asian to be part of our society! We would love to have any student join our programs. The Asian Society stands with all diverse, International, and Asian students who want to learn more about Asian cultures, as well as supporting students who may face any challenges or difficulties.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) at St. Francis College shall endeavor to establish and promote interaction among black students. In addition, the BSU shall endeavor to promote interaction among all members of St. Francis College. We recognize both the need for unity among black students and a strong relationship among all students.

We promote the political, social, and cultural health and love of the community in general as our organization is open to the entire student body of Saint Francis College. The BSU will strive to organize venues and channels to address the issues that pose a strain on the community, mainly the black community. The BSU ultimately strives to strengthen the relationship and love between the Black community and the entire St. Francis Community.

Brazilian Student Association

The Brazilian Student Association at SFC is a student club to gather the growing Brazilian community at St. Francis College and to establish networking with Brazilian citizens in New York and also Brazilian alumni.

Our primary focus is to create a sense of community between the students and faculty members who were born or lived in Brazil so they can feel at home, even miles away. Furthermore, we intend to build relationships with Brazilians who already live in the city so they can share knowledge and experiences with our fellows. This club's membership is open to All St. Francis College students who are interested in knowing more about Brazil. All prospective and current members must adhere to a code of mutual respect for others and conduct themselves appropriately at club events.

Caribbean Students Association

The Caribbean Student Association is a culture club on campus that allows for the expression, exploration and education of the diverse Caribbean presence at St. Francis College. We strive towards building a club that acts as a community, owning the catchphrase that "we are more than just a club, we're family."

Our main goal, our purpose, is to build a safe space in which Caribbean Culture can be showcased and shared for the SFC Family to enjoy and appreciate as well as participate and share in. We are extremely active both on and off-campus. Also, our alumni group is extensive when it comes to resources and support. CSA isn't just a club it is truly a family and the family members you make here, last a lifetime.


Haitian Student Association

We wish to promote Haitian Culture and invite all who are in the St. Francis College community to learn more about the culture through our events.

Latin American Society

Latin American Society (LAS) is a welcoming club to all students and faculty at St. Francis College. LAS goal as a club is to welcome everyone, embrace and learn about Latin culture. We connect our culture through hosting different events along the school year and collaborating with different clubs on campus.

Middle Eastern Student Association

The Middle Eastern Student Association is a club whose primary objective is to amplify the importance of Arab and Middle Eastern heritage in communities that prioritize diversity through dialogues, cultural activities, and collaborations with the students at St. Francis College. Membership pertaining to this club is open to all St. Francis College students. Both current and prospective members must embrace and adhere to a code of mutual respect for others and maintain an appropriate line of conduct at prospective club events.

Muslim Students Association

Was created to provide members with a forum to share faith, religion, politics, and culture.

Safe Haven Bible Club

The Safe Haven Bible Club is here to provide an escape from the stresses during the week that college can cause. We want to be able to administer hope and joy to the SFC community through the word of God.

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