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Endowed scholarship

Robert J. McGuire Scholarship

The Robert J. McGuire Scholarship was established in 2015 in support of St. Francis College’s mission to make possible the gift of education and opportunity for our future leaders. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Mr. Fred Wilpon, former chairman and CEO of the NY Mets, and his wife Judy, as well as other generous McGuire believers, the program has already provided more than $6 million in scholarships to more than 150 students.

This program has already provided economic opportunities, workforce readiness to first generation college students and has graduated over 50 scholars. Our scholars are prepared to pursue careers in their desired fields with motivation to become leaders in their community, and with aspirations of creating positive change.

“I am privileged to be part of this wonderful effort to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students at St Francis College. There is no more powerful combination than a great educational institution., a wonderful group of donors led by Fred and Judy Wilpon and an outstanding group of young scholars for whom the future is bright.”

Robert J. McGuire, Benefactor & Namesake of the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship

What does it mean to be a McGuire Scholar?

Once accepted into the program, McGuire Scholars are introduced to their support system at both the student and staff level to ensure early on support and sense of belonging. Each McGuire Scholar will have a dedicated success coach to support their academic, career, and community goals all the way to graduation.

Building community is a point of emphasis in the McGuire Scholars Program, and beyond the St. Francis College community as each scholar has a beneficial impact within their own communities. Our support to our scholars contributes to lifelong leadership and multi-generational impact at St. Francis College and beyond.

“Being an endowed scholar has allowed me to be a better version of myself for the community, my peers, and others who need a source for motivation. With this opportunity, I know there are endless possibilities and something big waiting for me at the end of the finish line. Not only a diploma, but the best version of me.”

— Miasia Kinloch '19, McGuire Scholar

Eligibility and How to Apply

Eligible requirements to apply for a Robert J. McGuire Scholarship include:

  • First time freshman entering in the fall semester
  • High School students with a GPA of 85 or above
  • Family Adjusted Gross Income of $125,000 or less

How to Apply

  • Submit your application to St. Francis College
  • Complete and submit your Scholarship Day Essay*
  • Complete and submit the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship Application
  • Attend our Scholarship Day event to participate in an interview with a member of the McGuire Scholarship Committee

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • All Robert J. McGuire Scholarships have been allocated for the year. Students who are applying for the Fall 2024 semester, be on the lookout in the future for updated dates and deadlines.

*All students that apply to the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship will have their essays automatically entered into our Scholarship Day Competition. All essays will be reviewed for the chance to win one of four full tuition Presidential Scholarships.


Financial Perks

  • $500 book voucher each semester
  • One free intersession course every academic year ($2,580 value)
  • Assistance with Study Abroad Opportunities

Academic & Student Support

  • Personal success coach
  • Academic/Co-curricular planning
  • Resource Repositories dedicated to first-generation students
  • Check-in meetings each semester
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Jacket ceremonies & dinner outings

Career/Leadership Development

  • Exclusive resume/internship workshops
  • Networking events across partner institutions
  • Research opportunities
  • 1:1 & group mentorship
  • Leadership opportunities within McGuire Scholar Advisory Board
  • Fundraising events with campus leaders

Program Requirements & Expectations

  • Be in good academic standing with a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA every semester
  • Be enrolled full time every semester
  • Meet with McGuire scholar advisor three times a semester
  • Participate in McGuire exclusive events
  • Give back to your community every academic year through service
  • Participate in up to three internships/research/experiential opportunities prior to graduation

Hear from McGuire Scholars

Alycia Feliciano, Class of 2024

As a McGuire Scholar, I learned that one of our most important values is to be there for one another. We emphasize the importance of being more than just a program, but a family. A consistent support system to help us achieve our goals. Throughout the pandemic, our events were held virtually due to COVID-19. However, this did not stop us from bonding and creating new ways to get closer. For instance, our McGuire Mondays were held every Monday during the spring semester of 2021 and these helped me get closer to all the people that I consider family. The McGuire Scholarship has also allowed me to meet people who are also nursing majors. This allows me to grow as nurse but also learn from my other McGuire Scholars how they succeeded in their studies as a nursing student. I plan to use these opportunities and bonds that I am making and will make, in this program to help me on my journey to become a Nurse Practitioner.

The possibilities provided by the McGuire Scholarship are endless and this has pushed me to go above and beyond. For example, I am currently a Peer Leader at St. Francis College. I am excited to work on a project that will help build our Franciscan community. This project is about Mental Health. I want people to become aware of the ways in which Saint Francis College can help people who struggle with understanding and maintaining their mental health. The McGuire Scholarship has also reinforced my eagerness to volunteer in my community. For instance, during this academic year I was volunteering at C&J’s landscaping. Here I was able to help the staff by filing the paperwork, so that they can have more free time. These are just few of the many ways the McGuire Scholarship has helped me grow. I am also looking forward to the more opportunities that will be provided as we returned to campus.

Dylan Gongora, Class of 2023

My name is Dylan Gongora, I am currently in my junior year of my criminal justice degree, I am also minoring in history. I am the mock trial chair of the St. Thomas Moore Pre-law society. I am currently working on building a mock trial team that will compete regularly and represent the school as its mock trial team. However, I am also interested in being inducted into the Duns Scotus society. I am interested in volunteering with local criminal justice organizations, along with community service opportunities that arise on campus. This scholarship means family to me. The McGuire family on campus helps each other in many ways. However, being a part of the program has been demonstrative in my pursuits of internships because many times it sets me apart from other applicants. Furthermore, the exercises, workshops and networking opportunities have led to a plethora of learning experiences. Some goals I have are to graduate with Latin honors, and to attend a top law school.

Being a McGuire Scholar has been instrumental in the steps leading up to accomplishing these goals. For example, I have recruited some of my mock trial team members directly from the McGuire family. The academic rigor combined with the support of the program has led me to maintain a GPA high enough to graduate with Latin honors. Being a part of the McGuire scholarship program has made me feel like an actual college student. Being in a small school within NYC, sometimes the day-to-day activities have a high school feel to it. However, the McGuire program along with some efforts of the SFC community has lightened that feeling. For example, events such as the McGuire picnic, Meditation Mondays, and my own efforts to spark a college mock trial team has made it feel less of a continuation of high school but as the blossoming of my college career.

Sabrina Soto, Class of 2023

My name is Sabrina Soto. I originally planned to graduate in 2024; however, I am working towards graduating in 2023, a year earlier! I am working to graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology. My dream is to become an Occupational Therapist. To give you a little backstory on my career choice, while being born, my shoulder was dislocated and because of this I have “Erbs Palsy” which is nerve damage to my right shoulder. I have been continuously working with Occupational and Physical Therapists to strengthen my arm to its fullest recovery.

I began to love the people I was surrounded by, love the environment, appreciate the service I was provided, and just knew that I wanted to help people as much as I’ve been helped. St. Francis has been the college that had the most influence on me since I was in Elementary school from m bowling coach I love so dearly. I can already say St. Francis College was the most amazing decision of my life. From the beginning, everyone at St. Francis has been extremely helpful, caring, and kind to me as a student going into my first-year experience under the circumstance we’ve all endured, the COVID-19 Pandemic. I have been part of many McGuire group zooms, have had wonderful conversations with students in the McGuire program, and with amazing staff workers. The day I found out I was rewarded with the McGuire scholarship, I was beyond proud and so appreciative of the Wilpon and McGuire family.

The scholarship has not only helped me financially but has made me more involved in school like I’ve never been. I am proud to say I devote a tremendous amount of time to St. Francis and my community. I work three jobs, I babysit, work as an Occupational Therapist Aide, and work as part of work-study in the Office of Advancement at SFC. Not only am I part of the McGuire Scholars Program, but I also am on the Women’s Bowling Team. I know St. Francis College was the right choice for me. I’m also so grateful to everyone who has and will continue to assist me throughout my journey.

Karime Rincon, Class of 2022

As a current McGuire Scholar, I have had the opportunity to see the start of our advisor board and mentorship program. I have had the pleasure of working as the McGuire Support Leader for our mentorship program where I check in with our mentors/mentees to ensure the mentees are receiving the support they need and that mentors are being the best support they can be. Some additional highlights of being a McGuire has been the people you meet, I have had the chance to make some great friends who are also in the McGuire program. These are individuals that are driven and welcoming. I know I can count of them whenever we want to plan an event or represent the program. Being a McGuire has truly helped me grow in college. I have support from my fellow McGuires, Anthony, and the McGuire believers when I want to try out new things whether it is applying to graduate school or taking on two thesis this semester. I do not think I would have grown as much as I have had it not been for the support the McGuire scholarship program has provided me with, such as being able to afford a private education, peer and faculty support, and insight to upcoming internships, programs, and events.

Aristo Sanunga, Class of 2022

Being a McGuire Scholar is more than just having this title, it means that you’re part of an academic family. I’ve been part of this family since freshman year and I always felt comfortable with the other scholars. I believe we all share the same goal which is to become academically successful and graduate college. Most importantly, the McGuire staff have always provided support to ensure that each of the scholars are on the right track towards these goals. The McGuire family of faculty have always been there to help in every way possible. As a McGuire Scholar, my favorite experience would be the McGuire Jacket ceremony. This event is for the new students entering college as new McGuire’s scholars of St. Francis College. Unfortunately, due to COVID, this ceremony was held online but personally, it was an honor to see and introduce the new McGuire scholars of St. Francis College on Zoom. During my freshman year, I was astounded by the idea that I was given a special jacket of recognition through my hard work with the SFC logo which included my initials. I felt humble and grateful in receiving this jacket and scholarship; it will be a day I will never forget.

As a SFC student taking online classes, I was greatly interested in learning more about the COVID-19 virus. During the spring semester, my McGuire Advisor, Anthony, announced a program opportunity called the “COVID-19 Empowerment” Internship. This was a program sponsored by many well-known schools offering the chance to hundreds of students to learn more about the COVID-19 virus, the types of vaccines and the side effects, etc. This was a virtual internship that took place on the weekends. I personally enjoyed listening to the lectures and learned so much about it our current pandemic we were all experiencing. At the same time, listening to these informative lectures gave me the confidence I needed to take the vaccine. All of my family members have been vaccinated to ensure that no one gets infected with the virus. I believe the vaccine will help us physically reconnect with St. Francis College and our McGuire family. I plan to attend graduate school to pursue an accelerated Nursing degree to achieve my career goal to become a nurse. I want to help and make a difference in people's lives. My message to the McGuire community would be, in life nothing comes easy, it takes a lot of determination, passion and support, always keep in mind that the McGuire staff gave you a scholarship because you earned it and they believe in your success.

Guillian Avila-Garcia, Class of 2021

I am proud to be a student at St. Francis College, but I am even more proud to be a McGuire Scholar. Being a McGuire scholar has taught me the importance of giving back. Considering that The McGuire program gave me the opportunity to attend college without worrying or having a financial burden. It has inspired me to always give back and help others when needed. As a McGuire scholar, I know I have people who care about me and am lucky enough to call family. I have even found my best friends here! I have had the best experiences as a McGuire from scholarship day to jackets ceremonies. I enjoyed getting to meet new people and welcoming new McGuire’s into our family. However, my favorite experience as a McGuire Scholar was getting to meet Mr. Wilpon and Mr. McGuire at Citi Field and cheering on as we watched the Mets play!

I graduated in May 2021 with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. I’ve always had a passion for criminal justice but, in my junior year I went on a ride-along and it has made me want to pursue a job in law enforcement and I hope to one day be able to work for the FBI. I started interning at “Counseling Service of the Eastern District of New York” as an intern counselor for addictions to help promote sobriety for individuals whose lives are affected by drug abuse and addiction. I am also interning at “Good Morning Parents” as a criminal justice parent education advocate and am a part of their communication and social media marketing committee, where we use our social media platforms to help families with an incarcerated parent. When I am not working or writing papers, I do volunteer work by feeding the homeless through my high school’s program called “Reach Out”. I have also volunteered at several McGuire events and have tutored elementary school children in English and Mathematics who are not fluent in English.

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