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Tuition & Fees

The 2021-2022 tuition and fee rate for a full-time undergraduate commuter student is $27,298.00

Full-time Undergraduate
Tuition (12 – 18 credits)$13,594.00per semester
Tuition overload$650per credit
Terriers Come Home / Alumni Gratitude$400per credit
Service, Unions, Military & Corporate Partners$400per credit

Part-time Undergraduate

Tuition$890per credit

Graduate Programs

MFA$1000per credit
MS / MA$650per credit
MS in Exercise and Sports Science (Online)$500per credit
Terrier Come Home / Alumni Gratitude$450per credit
Service, Unions, Military & Corporate Partners$450per credit
ONLINE Undergraduate Programs
Post Baccalaureate Childhood Education$400per credit
BS Exercise & Movement Science$450per credit
BS Community Health$450per credit
BS Professional Studies$400per credit
AAS Business Administration$400per credit
AAS Criminal Justice$400per credit
AA in Liberal Arts$400per credit

Tuition Differential for Special Programs

Tuition for Special Programs

In some instances, a student may enroll in an educational program that has a higher tuition rate than the current undergraduate rate. In such cases, a student will be responsible for any additional tuition and fees charged as a part of the program.

Combined Degree Programs

Tuition calculation

Combined degree programs in which a student will earn an undergraduate degree as well as a graduate degree, such as the B.S./M.S. in Accounting, will be charged a per-credit tuition rate on the course level of each class. Undergraduate courses will be charged at a rate of $650 per credit and graduate courses will be charged at a rate of $650 per credit. The service fee applies to combined degree programs and will be charged based on the total number of credits taken in a given term.

In semesters in which 12 or more undergraduate credits are taken, students will be charged the undergraduate flat-rate tuition for up to 18 credits.

Financial aid eligibility for Combined Degree or Graduate Tuition

Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid regarding your financial aid eligibility for semesters of study in which you are enrolled in graduate-level courses. Not all federal and state aid programs may be used for graduate coursework.

St. Francis College scholarships and grants (including endowed scholarships) may not be used towards tuition for graduate-level coursework with the exception of the fifth year of a five-year combined degree program.

Miscellaneous Charges

per semester
Student Activities$55per semester
Late payment fee$250fall and spring semesters
Late payment fee$75non-traditional semesters
Readmit Fee$150

effective Spring 2020

Graduation application fee$75effective Spring 2020 all Graduation applicants will be charged an application fee
Special course fees**Variesper course section

Required Deposits

Tuition admission deposit***$200one-time non-refundable deposit which is applied towards the first semester’s tuition bill
Housing deposit$300one-time non-refundable deposit which is applied towards the first semester’s tuition bill

Notes on miscellaneous charges

*Non-credit courses carry a credit equivalency based on contact hours and for the purpose of assessing a tuition charge. Credit equivalency is used in determining a student’s attendance status and financial aid eligibility.

** Special course fees are only charged for specific courses that may require additional resources. These charges will appear on your student invoice.

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