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Streamline Your Terrier Transfer Experience

Obtaining Official & Unofficial Transcripts

Obtaining Transcripts and Understanding Academic Profile

As a Transfer Terrier, we know that having an accurate credit evaluation is your top priority. For our team to provide you with a course schedule that reflects all of your transfer credits we must have official or unofficial transcripts from every institution attended.

Final credits will not be posted until official transcripts have been received.

Here is some guidance on how to best get your official or unofficial transcripts

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Final credits will not be posted until official transcripts have been received

Check Online

Many colleges and universities offer online access to student records through a secure portal. You may be able to download or print your unofficial transcripts or order your official transcripts directly from this site.
This could involve answering security questions or providing some form of ID

Contact your Previous Institution Registrar's Office

If you can't find your transcripts online, the next step is to contact the registrar's office. They can provide guidance on how to access your records. When contacting the registrar's office, be prepared to provide your full name, dates of attendance, and your student identification number if you have it. Many institutions will require you to verify your identity for security reasons before releasing any academic records.

Email Request

Some colleges and universities may allow you to request a copy of your official or unofficial transcripts via email. Make sure to send the email from an account that you have previously used with the institution, if possible, to facilitate the verification process.

Physical Visit

If you live near campus and have tried other methods without success, you may consider visiting the Registrar's office in person to request your unofficial transcript.

Academic Profile Information:

When you're applying to transfer to a new college, they want to get to know you, and one of the ways they do that is by looking at your full academic profile. Here are some important inclusions:

  • Grades: This is probably the first thing you think of when you hear "academic profile". It includes your GPA and the grades you've received in all your classes. This shows how well you've done in your studies so far.
  • Transcripts: These are official records that show all the courses you've taken, your grades, and any degrees or certificates you've earned. This gives colleges a more detailed look at your academic journey.
  • Standardized Test Scores: These might be SAT, ACT, or other test scores. Some colleges require them, some don't, so it's good to check. These scores can show your strengths in certain areas.
  • Courses Taken: This isn't just about the grades, but also the subjects you've studied. Have you taken challenging courses? Have you shown an interest in a specific field? The courses you've taken can say a lot about your interests and academic drive

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