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Cultural Alumni Affinity Group

Cultural Alumni Affinity Group

Reflecting diverse interest and backgrounds, Cultural Alumni Affinity Groups aims to connect alumni by a common interest or goal-contributed to leadership development, policy information and advocacy events and activities, while providing personal and professional networking opportunities for members.

Cultural Alumni Affinity Group is divided into the following:

  • Black Alumni Affinity Group - This group is an opportunity to connect Black alumni and students and to support those important interactions. The SFC Black Alumni Affinity Group connects alumni and students with shared experiences to continue building a welcoming and supportive campus community.
  • Latinx Alumni Affinity Group - The Latinx Affinity Group is a space to have meaningful discussions about what it means to identify as Latinx or Hispanic in our communities. This group examines the cultural and emotional experiences and diverse multi-racial origins that arise from a Latin American or Caribbean heritage, celebrating them from the "I" perspective.
  • Asian-Pacific Islander Alumni Affinity Group – Recognizing and honoring the rich ethnic, cultural and social diversity of St. Francis College Asian and Pacific Islander American alumni, the purpose of this affinity group is to create, engage, maintain, and sustain a visible and supportive API community.
  • LGBTQ+ Alumni Affinity Group – The LGBTQ+ Affinity Group is a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and alumni, as well as an environment for allies. The group aims to increase awareness about sexuality and gender diversity within the College and in the greater community. This group leads discussions and activities and encourages acceptance, confidence, and awareness.

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