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McGuire Scholars Alumni Affinity Group

McGuire Scholars Alumni Affinity Group

This group serves as a centralized hub for the McGuire Scholar Community (students, alumni, and others within the Terrier community) at St. Francis College. The aim is to better bridge McGuire Scholars with domestic communities at SFC.

The McGuire Scholars Alumni Affinity Group will focus on the following:

• Mentor and guide McGuire scholars through their college journeys (Terrier Alumni Career Network)

• Participate in panels, lectures, and other meaningful events prepared for McGuire Scholars

• Provide potential professional networking/mentorship opportunities as well as potential internship opportunities for the current McGuire Scholars

• Collaborate with the rest of the Affinity Groups and Alumni Association Board of Directors on various student-centered initiatives as well as on organization of the Alumni and networking events

McGuire Scholars Alumni Affinity Group Members:

  • Karime Rincon ‘22
  • Dylan Gongora ‘23
  • Amr Eldesouky ‘22
  • Danielle Francavilla’19
  • Lynda Pilay ‘22
  • Khadydiatou Gueye ‘23
  • Ginal Patel ‘20
  • Louis Falco ‘21
  • Valentina Acevedo ‘21
  • Antonia Meditz ‘19
  • Orooba Ahmad ‘22
  • Nia Reynolds ‘19
  • Sophia LoRubbio ‘23
  • Najae Escoferry ‘19
  • Kavita Jaikissoon ’22
  • Aristo Sanunga ‘22
  • Mirela Redzepagic ‘21

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