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All Good Things
March 14, 2024

Before the Divine

Before this year I was so uninterested in faith. Like, yes, I was Catholic, but I didn’t go to church often, I didn’t pray often. I would be so lazy to even read the Bible. I didn’t really understand what he did for us as his children. But this year has really opened my eyes to where I would be emotional because I would've never known the relationship I can build with the Lord. I had my friends talk to me about just little things about him and it would inspire me to do my research and have a better understanding of him. I didn’t even know what Lent was. I didn’t know what Ash Wednesday was and how we had to fast. I was mind blown knowing the reason for it. Anyways, as I reflect on the past forty days, I am overwhelmed by the ways in which God has worked in my life, shaping my heart, renewing my spirit, and leading me on a path of profound growth and transformation. Throughout the Lenten season, I sought to draw closer to God through prayer, fasting, and acts of service. I spent intentional time in solitude, allowing the silence to speak to me, to reveal the hidden places of my heart in need of healing and redemption. In the quiet moments of reflection, I poured out my hopes, fears, and dreams before the Divine, trusting that God hears the cries of my soul and meets me in the depths of my vulnerability. I had moments where I had to pray to him when I was in the deepest of the deep. I was very hopeless, but I had him, and I felt so good. With this experience of Lent I have gained the experience so I can continue my faith.

Lizbeth Garciá
Student, St. Francis College

Woman Praying

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