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February 20, 2024

COMPUNCTION: A Journey to Easter

In one of our Lenten masses, some time ago, our priest unleashed the word ‘compunction’- a catchy rhythm for our souls, making the sacred experience resonate with lasting echoes. COM· PUNC· TION, I thought, I took my phone out, wrote the word down and took a couple of quick notes of the sermon and quickly threw it back in my purse. I was afraid people would think I was being disrespectful for “texting” during mass. This word really resonated with me back then, it still does! I even like the sound of it. I HAD TO google it! The google definition seemed to have a negative connotation to it, however, our priest, described it as a gift. Which intrigued me even more.

Growing up, I was blessed to have a grandmother who gave me the greatest gift of all: FAITH. In my journey, faith has seen me through my best, but most importantly my most challenging times.

I live in sunny, beautiful Florida and my commute takes me across the awe-inspiring Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Each way I am blessed to witness alongside other commuters God’s majestic performance, unique on its own way every single day, foggy days, sunny days, rainy days and believe it or not every show is different in its own kind of way! However, every now and again I get to be part of ever frustrating Florida traffic, and well some wild driving.

As I drove one day, deep in thought, I asked myself. Why do we tailgate? If we are aware of drivers, their vehicles, the way they drive. Let’s be mindful, kind, and proactive. If we know someone is driving an 18-wheeler, and we are in a rush, why tailgate? Aggravating yourself and most likely the other driver as well. If there are slow drivers on the road, why follow closer to hurry them? If we can’t help or improve the situation, just drive around them, I thought to myself.

This made me think about how we live our daily lives. Let’s be mindful, do not urge those who are experiencing a challenging moment in life, do not overload those with heavy burdens. If we are unable to make a positive impact or lessen their burdens, let’s grant a smile and drive around them. Let’s have the virtue of awareness. Let’s delve into self-examination and have a genuine desire for transformation.

This Lenten season, have a spirit of compunction, illuminate the shadows within you, be the guiding light and strengthen your journey of Faith. And if you wish, continue tailgating on the roads but not in your life.

Becky Prado, M.Ed.
Mission Service Coordinator, BayCare Health System
St. Petersburg, FL


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