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All Good Things
March 15, 2024

My Journey to Christ

My purpose and excitement towards the life that I have to live, whether it’d be a day or years, is something that fluctuated in my life and it’s past dramatically. Throughout my academic years in St. Francis College, an adjustment had to be made towards adapting to a new state, a new college, a new lifestyle. I believe it was one that required faith to even be possible. From the moment I stepped foot in New York from good old Texas, my faith was needed and my strength in it was most definitely tested to succeed. Growing up as an ordinary Southern kid with a dream, my goal was to make my parents proud, not thinking of the obstacles ahead of me but distracted by the glory behind seeing their eyes glow and teeth glisten from smiling at their young boy going to college! Going to this college showed me that finances are to be considered just like any other very prestigious and beautiful college campus. This is where my faith was incorporated into not only my inner thoughts but now into my very own life in the real world. Distracting myself with my parents reaction was useful to be able to overcome the shadow of doubt in the uncertainty from such a drastic change of location and the unknown that came along with it, however, it wasn’t enough to be anxious towards being able to attend here financially. No one was able to afford to help my family and I be here, making me feel the need to give up and attend a Texas school. I remember the night at the hotel, with my mother sleeping next to me in her bed and me praying with silence to have my thoughts turn into prayers. All of our financing options were too late and not in our budget. I slept for one hour this night and I’ll never forget it because I live a life that reminds me of it forever. The very morning after my one hour rest, my mother came with me and held my hand while I felt a gloom over me from the hotel to the college. This is where my student life began and this is where my journey to Christ commenced. Only He has the ability to make such miracles and possibilities despite any circumstances or conditions. This was the day that coincidentally the financing options were not seen correctly and there was still one option only in which I was able to have my family and I truly be relieved of accomplishing such a task, the start of my dream and my life which I live now. Nothing is impossible with Him and throughout my time at St. Francis College, I have seen obvious signs in the purpose of being accepted into such a college. My faith has only grown from when I began studying here and I’m thankful to have such a hard but rewarding time. I’m honored to be able to write this reflection for the St. Francis College ministry and the blessing to be able to do this for such a group is truly inspiring.

Christian Tipping, SFC '25

SFC Chapel 1

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