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March 13, 2024

We Hear Him Say

John 19:26-30

Woman, here is your son. Here is your mother.

I am thirsty.

It is finished.


As we gaze on Jesus hanging on the Cross, we hear him say, “Woman, here is your son.” Jesus’ mother Mary is overwhelmed with unbearable grief and yet immediately embraces each one of us when Jesus entrusts us to her. Through this act we are now bonded not only to Jesus, but to his mother as well. As we gaze on Jesus hanging on the Cross in agony, we hear him say, “Son, here is your mother.” We stand where John is standing ready to receive the mother of Jesus who now becomes our mother.

Jesus says, “I am thirsty.” We know that it is our souls for which Jesus is thirsting. Through our baptism. we had became children of God, but we have often gone astray. Now Jesus is calling us back. We feel his unconditional love flowing out upon us.

Speaking of “unconditional” love, I have often envisioned Jesus at the Last Supper, washing the feet of the apostles and hoping that they would understand his example of service (while they may have been arguing about whom he loved the best).

It is well documented how Jesus wept and even sweat blood in his "Agony in the Garden" and how disappointed he must have been as the apostles weren’t able to stay awake with and comfort him. Poor misguided Judas comes and betrays his master with a kiss, but he was never able to forgive himself and ultimately ended up taking his life. Contrast this with Peter, whose denial of Jesus, as the soldiers were flogging him, must have been the most unbearable heartache Jesus had ever felt. Judas’ kiss was one thing, but being betrayed by the “ROCK” upon whom the church would be built had to be unthinkable.

I have always believed that somewhere in that crowd on Calvary, Peter stood weeping, waiting for Jesus to pass by. He would then look into the eyes of his beloved Lord and most merciful Savior, knowing that he would be forgiven.

As we continue to gaze on Jesus hanging on the Cross in his final agony, we hear him say, “It is finished.” Jesus had kept preparing us for this final moment when all will then be completed, and he can return to God.

Let us kneel before the Cross and bow our heads as we pray:

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you,

Because by your Holy Cross

You have redeemed the world.

Brother Vincent Adams, OSF
Chair, Department of Campus Ministry
Saint Anthony's High School

Jesus, Mary, and John

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