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Hispanic heritage background

Hispanic Heritage Month: Power, Prosperity and Progress

October 5, 2023
12:50 P.M. - 1:50 P.M.
St. Francis College
Room 5206

Students are invited to attend "Power, Prosperity and Progress," a panel discussion about Latinx heritage led by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. Our esteemed panelists will illuminate their personal journeys and the significance of this year's theme within the Latinx community. Students will gain insights into the panelists' paths to success, fostering belonging and the idea that home is self-crafted.

Also, enjoy the Center for Inclusion and Excellence's iconic Latinx dishes such as empanadas, tostones and sweet plantains — each plate named authentically in Spanish.

This event nurtures confidence and individuality while embracing the diverse paths we tread. Join the weeklong social media engagement to uncover the essence of Hispanic heritage. Celebrate, learn and grow together in a discussion that enriches our understanding of Latinx culture and shapes our inclusive community.

Primary Contact
Maliek Sterrett [email protected]

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