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McCabe Lecture Series

Professor John J. McCabe '65 Lecture Series

The Professor John J. McCabe ’65 Lecture Series exposes the St. Francis community to perspectives on financial topics from leaders and innovators in the world of finance and economics. McCabe is one of the country’s foremost experts on corporate governance, shareholder rights and their impact on the country’s wealth creation and capital formation process. The Professor John J. McCabe ’65 Lecture Series at St. Francis College will be an ongoing teaching and networking forum—it will highlight not only the career of John, but his friends from Remsen Street, Wall Street and Washington, D.C. Fundamentally, John hopes to spotlight wealth creation and capital formation, and how an “angel investment” in St. Francis College can truly transform lives through the gift of education.

A timeline of Professor John McCabe's '65 career.

A Conversation with Jason Calacanis

Articles by Professor John McCabe:

Bull Markets Surround Bear Markets
Professor John J. McCabe '65

Capitalist Risks and Miscues
Professor John. J McCabe '65

Disinflation + Good Governance + Solid Management = Superb Economic Rewards
Professor John. J McCabe '65

March Madness Erupts
Professor John. J McCabe '65

Coronavirus Rattling Common Stock Owners
Professor John. J McCabe '65

Wealth Creation and Capital Formation
Professor John. J McCabe '65


Past events in series


2022 Professor John J. McCabe ’65 Lecture Series

Join Professor John J. McCabe '65 for a welcome reception, followed by a panel discussion on mergers and acquisitions through the lens of macroeconomics.
April 27, 20225:30 P.M. - 8 P.M.St. Francis College

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