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Thomas J. Volpe Lecture Series

From Accountant to Teacher, Banker to Police Officer and countless other jobs in between, every student at St. Francis College will become a citizen of the world when they graduate.

New York City, where people from hundreds of ethnicities continually develop interconnecting relationships, has always been on the forefront of global ethics. Understanding how

The Thomas J. Volpe Lecture Series is designed to prepare St. Francis College students to create new opportunities in a world affected by ever-changing cultural and economic pressures. It stresses the importance of being sensitive to vastly different cultures and the way those cultures influence social, legal, political and economic forces at play across the globe.

The 2018 Volpe Lecture by Alvin Irby, M.S., MPA took place on Wednesday, October 10, 12:20 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. in Founders Hall. Irby is founder and a Chief Reading Inspirer at Barbershop Books, a literacy program that creates child-friendly reading spaces in barbershops and provides early literacy training to barbers. He won the National Book Foundations' 2017 Innovations in Reading prize for his work connecting early reading experiences in male-centered spaces.

Volpe Lecture Series guest speakers represent various aspects of the global environment, including finance, banking, insurance, accounting, marketing, politics, media, law, and human resources. Their firsthand appreciation of the knowledge and creativity needed to succeed is certain to inspire the next generation of global leaders.

The Thomas J. Volpe Lecture Series has also sponsored four visiting professors at St. Francis College, two of whom have stayed with the College, thereby fostering a long-term, intensive discourse in global ethics.

Volpe Lecture Series Speakers

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2018 - Dambisa Moyo - (Why Economics Matters)

2017 - Sonia Sotomayor (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) / Vince Marmorale & Vince DeGiaimo (My Italian Secret: Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust)

2016 - Glenn Adamson (Museum of Art & Design) / Jeffery Beers (Jeffrey Beers International)

2015 - Becky Hammon (NBA San Antonio Spurs) / Steve Hindy (Brooklyn Brewery)

2014 - Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry's)

2013 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Cosmos, Museum of Natural History)

2012 - Frank Bruni (New York Times, Born Round)

2012 - Pete Hamill (Snow in August, A Drinking Life)

2011 - E.L. Doctorow (Ragtime, Billy Bathgate)

2008-09 - Sir Salman Rushdie (Midnight's Children)

2007-08 - Mariane Pearl (A Mighty Heart)

2006 - Andrea Mitchell (NBC News)

2005- Paul Rusesabagina (The Real Hero of Hotel Rawanda)

2004- Mary Robinson (Former President of Ireland)

2003- Felix Rohatyn (Former Ambassador, Chairman of the Municipal Assistance Corporation (MAC) of the State of New York)

2002- Lech Walesa (Former President of Poland)

2001- Oscar Arias (Former President of Costa Rica)

2000- George Mitchell (Former U.S. Senator, Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

1998- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. (Historian, Pultizer Prize Winner, Former Presidental Speech Writer)

1997 - Caspar Weinberger (Former Secretary of Defense)

About Thomas J. Volpe

Thomas J. Volpe, the former Senior Vice President of Financial Operations for The Interpublic Group of Companies and Chairman Emeritus of the St. Francis College Board of Trustees, is also the founder and benefactor of the prestigious Thomas J. Volpe Lecture Series, which is designed to further expand the horizons of SFC students by introducing them to world-renowned speakers from the arenas of politics, literature, journalism, business and entertainment.

thomas anita volpe jeffrey beers

After graduating from Brooklyn College in 1957, Tom earned his MBA in marketing and finance from Baruch College. After working for Deloitte Haskins & Sells, he joined Colgate Palmolive Company where he held a series of international positions before becoming Vice President and Treasurer in 1981. In 1986, Tom joined The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. He served as director of several public companies and currently with private equity investments.

Throughout his career, Thomas has always found the time to be involved with civic and community affairs. Tom also serves as a board member for Englewood Hospital in New Jersey and Urban Glass in Brooklyn. He is former president of the New York Chapter of Financial Executives International. St. Francis College presented Tom with an honorary doctorate degree of Commercial Sciences in 1997.

Tom and his wife, Anita, live in New York City and New Jersey. They have three children, seven granddaughters and one grandson.

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