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March 9, 2018

20th Anniversary Celebration - Institute for International & Cross-Cultural Psychology

St. Francis College hosted a double celebration March 9 & 10, 2018; the 20th anniversary of the Institute for International and Cross-Cultural Psychology (IICCP) and the 30th anniversary of Meaningful World.

(Watch Asian Perspectives)

The two day event features lectures and panel discussion on topics as varied as how climate change is leading to a psychological emergency; post-traumatic growth in Haiti, India, and Cambodia; and a dissection of the Italian diaspora.

iiccp 20

This discussion, moderated by St. Francis College Faculty Director of General Education Michele Hirsch, features Asian Perspectives with:

  • Sonia Suchday (Globalization, Spirituality, and the Youth in India)
  • Rash Jaipal (Psychological Costs of Development for Youth in Sikkim, India)
  • Jaskiran Mathur (Revisiting Trauma Through Popular Culture)
  • Ghazals Afzal (Afghan Women: Trails, Travails, and Creative Expression)

The conference also hosted Rami Seo's Project World Music Ensemble which celebrated Korean Culture with a Fan Dance, Sons, and Drum Dance.

michele hirsch

The Institute for International and Cross-Cultural Psychology (IICCP) sponsors research and publications in international and cross-cultural psychology; promotes, develops, and implements workshops, symposia, lectures, and conferences at St. Francis College; involves students in cross-cultural research and the institute's programs; fosters a sense of involvement in the cultural richness of the St. Francis College community; and creates network ties with other interested psychological institutions in the USA and abroad.

The Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention (ATOP) Meaningful World is dedicated to fostering a meaningful, peaceful, and just world in which every individual enjoys physical, mental, social, financial, ecological, and spiritual health.

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