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April 12, 2018

2nd Annual Entrepreneurial Pitch Contest

St. Francis College proudly hosted its 2nd Annual College-Wide Entrepreneurial Pitch Contest April 12, 2018, bringing together 9 student-entrepreneurs to compete for $3,500 in prizes.

(Watch the Pitch Contest)

Each entrepreneur made it through several rounds of competition to reach the final where they had five minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in hopes of winning seed money to bring their business plan to life.

The event, sponsored by Investors Bank, included plans for an iPhone connected razor, a fashion reseller, graveside maintenance, and more.

First place and $1,500 went to Joshua Dezil '21 (Management) for his company Jdbundles which sells hair extensions.

joshua dezil

Second place and $1,000 was awarded to Samantha Scarlett '18 (Management) for her company Luxury Snob, a high-end fashion reseller.

Third place and $750 went to Miranda Stark '20 (Sociology) for her company Eternal Care Grave Maintenance.

The St. Francis College Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to create an environment that champion's creativity and innovation, encourages calculated risk, celebrates critical thinking, energizes the creative spirit, and above all, is infused with social responsibility. We envision the support provided will result in development of sustainable businesses and successful careers informed by the Franciscan tradition.

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