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April 21, 2021

A Day to Pause and Pray

As our nation processes the outcome of the Chauvin trial, a moment in our history that is certain to raise mixed emotions in all of us, and as we work to heal and to consider the many ways the world needs us to be beacons of hope, I have made a decision to close the campus on Friday, April 23rd, to give us all an opportunity to pause, pray, reflect, meditate and/or talk to those we care about regarding the state of the world today. All classes are cancelled, and employees have the day off.

We cannot deny the suffering we see around us. While some have expressed relief at the verdict, we know that our shared preference is for us to live in a world where this trial is unnecessary, a world where there is less suffering, less anguish, less hatred, less exhaustion and a world where there is more compassion, more mercy and more love.

Acknowledging the pain, exhaustion and suffering in our midst is a first step to being and becoming sources of comfort and hope for those who need it most. I encourage us all to reflect on the Prayer of St. Francis and to think about the gestures we can make in our community, the actions we can manifest in the world to loudly affirm our belief that we are all called to sow love where there is hatred, to pardon where there is injury, to bring hope in despair, light in the darkness, joy in the sadness, and faith where there is doubt.

All students can take part in healing circles organized by the SFC Counseling & Wellness Center every day at 5 p.m. until April 30th. Students can also drop into the SFC Counseling & Wellness Center during its virtual hours. The Office of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue is available for additional support services.

In peace and friendship,

President Martinez-Saenz

Unless otherwise notified, SFC will reopen under the COVID provisions on Monday, April 26th.

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