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March 21, 2017

A History of Nathan's Hot Dogs

Woven into the fabric of Brooklyn's history, Nathan's Hot Dogs have become an American culinary institution. Lloyd Handwerker, grandson of founder Nathan, came to St. Francis College on March 21, 2017 to share the book and film he produced that recounts the history of Nathan's.

(Watch Nathan's Grandson Lloyd Handwerker)

"Since 1986, I've been piecing together my family history, looking for anyone I could find with Nathan's stories. The most compelling have been the workers, some who stayed 40 or more years at the place," wrote Lloyd Handwerker when his movie, Famous Nathan, was released in 2014. "Not at all shy at offering opinions, they provide intimate, sometimes hilarious memories of working for Nathan whose fierce dedication was the stuff of legends."

lloyd handwerker

Handwerker released the book, Famous Nathan: A Family Saga of Coney Island, the American Dream, and the Search for the Perfect Hot Dog, last year.

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