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December 8, 2015

Activism & Police Tactics in St. Louis

Portia Allen-Kyle (Attorney and Ph.D. Student in Sociology at Rutgers University) came to St. Francis College December 8, 2015 to talk about "Controlling the Movement: Understanding the Dynamic between Activism and Policing Tactics in Greater St. Louis."

(Learn about Police Tactics in St. Louis)

The talk was part of the Fall 2015 Senior Citizen Lecture Series:
Urban Policing and Racial Conflict: Current Crises and Historical Context which is sponsored by the Senior Citizen Lecture Series, the Center for Crime & Popular Culture, the Institute for Peace & Justice and co-Coordinated by professors Nickie Phillips & Emily Horowitz.

Portia Allen-Kyle, J.D., is currently working on her dissertation in sociology at Rutgers University. She spent the past summer doing fieldwork in Ferguson, Missouri, studying the impact of executive emergency curfews on the community. Her dissertation focuses on the relationship between executive emergency curfew laws and social inequality.

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